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Global company shifts share toward new airline suppliers
A large and long-tenured client needed a communications strategy to shift market share away from a particular airline.
Leading biotechnology company takes a “reduce and diversify” approach to their hotel program
The COVID-19 pandemic forced a leading biotechnology company to look at the annual RFP process in a unique way, taking a very targeted and strategic approach to manage market volatility. By reviewing...
Leading biotechnology company changes sourcing approach to drive efficiencies
In a typical year, hotels increase corporate rates by 3% on average. A US-based biotechnology corporation needed a creative way to combat these rate increases and realize savings.
LinkedIn sets internal carbon price for business travel
Global workplace technology leader partners with Advito’s sustainability experts to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel program.
Pharmaceutical company confidently navigates meetings and events post-COVID
With an unexpected surge of requests for in-person meetings post-COVID, this global pharmaceutical company faced a growing lack of policy compliance.
Finastra transformed the way colleagues and clients connect with virtual collaboration
Global fintech firm Finastra set out to create a robust Virtual Collaboration infrastructure to reduce internal travel, ensure business continuity, increase employee productivity, and drive program savings.

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Microsoft’s travel team leads charge to drastic carbon reductions
Microsoft set an industry-leading initiative to achieve drastic carbon reductions and needed to align its travel team to these organizational sustainability values.
Mondelēz boosts policy compliance while reducing spend by 20%
One factor has more impact than any other on the success of Mondelēz International’s travel and meetings program: the behavior of employees on the road.
Imperial Tobacco Group achieves over $200,000 in hotel savings
Imperial Tobacco Group was seeking a more disciplined approach to hotels, including a strategy to revamp their manual hotel sourcing process that consumed six months of the year.
Finance firm engages travelers through social communities
A U.S.-based financial services organization reinforced their travel policies by engaging employees through social enterprise tools and other marketing vehicles.
Finastra saves $650,000 in three months with Traveler Engagement
Finastra travel leader Mauro Ruggiero knew he needed to take action when an employee began reading aloud from a travel policy document saved from his first day on the job 10 years...
Firm sees a 17% increase in hotel adoption with dynamic strategy
A longtime Advito hotel sourcing client had been fine-tuning their program for several years but only seeing incremental improvements. They were ready for a new approach to find more savings.