Spend Management

Modernize processes and achieve savings goals with Dynamic Performance Management

Adopt innovative spend management techniques for ongoing evaluation and realignment

Spend management piggy bank
Drive significant savings
beyond sourcing

If you only rely on annual sourcing events, you’re missing opportunities to address issues or make positive adjustments

Spend management meeting performance goals
Ensure you’re meeting
performance goals

Once your agreements are in place, how can you be sure if suppliers are holding up their end of the bargain?

Stay ahead of a shifting market
Stay ahead of a shifting market

Programs aren’t static, and your performance management strategy shouldn’t be either

Managing the unpredictable

There are hundreds of reasons that make managing your travel spend difficult – inventory is low, demand is high, costs are up, and the market is in constant flux.

Travel has changed significantly – it’s time for new, innovative strategies to drive more value and avoid the cumbersome process of traditional sourcing and spend management.

Advito can help you prove the value of travel to your stakeholders with fresh data, an ongoing analysis of what’s working and what’s not, and implementation support once a strategy is put in place.

Spend Management, managing the unpredictable


Active, continuous program management requires evaluating spend in real time and matching long-term commitments with corporate objectives. Advito’s Dynamic Performance Management™ (DPM) focuses on dynamically comparing performance to the market and quickly adapting to changes rather than waiting weeks or months before renegotiating contracts across your air, hotel, and rail programs.

With advanced analytics, predictive tools, and new slices of transactional data, we strategically take advantage of fluctuations in supply and changing demand patterns.

  • Real-time analytics give you access to data-rich, visual dashboards on-demand, allowing you an in depth look at your program’s performance metrics
  • Monthly program insights will help you monitor market trends in tandem with your program data to better understand next steps
  • Proactive supplier management will help facilitate and grow your vender relationship and leverage your insights when it comes to contract negotiations.

Calculate your potential savings now

Our approach drives results. Achieve incremental savings and prove the value of travel.

Use smarter analytics to level the playing field

Our advanced analytics are visualized in dynamic dashboards to give you a deeper look into your performance KPIs, benchmarking data and negotiation proposal analyses across air, hotel and rail.

Beyond analytics and advice, we step in and do the work. Our spend management experts take an active and holistic approach to help you achieve the best results.

Influence your traveler’s decisions

Managing supplier contract performance is just one half of a successful spend management strategy. Our framework focuses on educating and influencing travelers with industry-leading marketing, communications and behavioral economics tactics.

Leverage the insights gleaned from your program data to create a meaningful Traveler Engagement strategy that will support your goals – from increasing hotel to trip night attachment or shifting supplier share in certain markets to driving down air spend on key routes.

Traveler engagement

“We had a lot of ideas, but we didn’t have the resources on our own to thoroughly assess our hotel strategy, evaluate and understand MICE patterns and spend or update and automate hotel sourcing…We needed expert knowledge about what was working in other sectors.”

Julie Iliffe

Category Buyer, Imperial Tobacco Group

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or to decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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