Unlock the power of data: How to build a data-driven business travel strategy

Unlock the power of data:


Travel managers today are striving to keep their travelers engaged and drive value to their organizations. It is essential to integrate multiple data sources and modernized KPIs for a truly holistic approach to managing a travel program.

future-proof your travel program with a data-driven strategy

In today’s digital age, if you’re using outdated tools and strategies to measure your program performance, you won’t get accurate results. Data is everywhere, from supplier and expense data to benchmarking and sustainability data, but without the right strategy to bring it all together in one place you may be left with significant gaps.

It’s important to capture as many touchpoints as possible throughout the traveler’s journey to develop strategies that will future-fit your travel program.

Total Trip Insights Summary

are you accessing the right data?

Many companies are missing 40% or more of travelers’ data
23% of travel buyers have no insight into out-of-program bookings
On average, companies experience 25-30% leakage in their travel program
When travelers book outside of your approved channels or outside of policy, it can compromise future negotiations, impact duty of care, and drive up spend. So how do you start filling in these blind spots to build a data-driven strategy? Download the white paper to explore how!

going beyond historical data to achieve results

Total Trip Insights Expense Analysis

“Advanced technologies like predictive analytics are changing the way travel managers analyze their programs today. Instead of make decisions based on historical data, they are able to see how their program is trending into the future and use this insight to determine what levers they need to adjust to keep their program on track with their goals.”

John Trigg, Senior Director, Intelligence & Analytics, Advito

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