Drive significant savings with innovative sourcing and spend management strategies.

Work with partners that support your company-wide goals

Source the right supplier partners

Drive incremental savings and ensure the maximum ROI from your travel program

Competitive rates supplier sourcing
Ensure your deals are competitive

Understand if your rates are competitive and available to your travelers

Reduce time and effort spent on sourcing

Shift to dynamic program management and direct resources to other channels

Solutions finance

Gain insight into a complicated supplier ecosystem

The travel landscape is complex, how do you know if travel suppliers are offering you the best deals?

From airlines and hotels to ground and payment suppliers, you need to ensure that they are true partners in supporting your business goals.

Most importantly, you need a way to monitor contract performance year-round, ensuring that you’re not missing crucial savings opportunities in between sourcing events and that your suppliers are performing against their contractual obligations.

Advito’s experts help procurement teams make decisions in a business travel landscape that is in a state of nearly constant flux.

Gain control over your travel budget and get full visibility into spend to drive significant cost savings. Our real-time analytics monitor your contract performance to ensure that your travelers have access to the deals you negotiated and uncover where you can make continuous improvements throughout the year with our innovative spend management tactics.

Advito Travel Solutions


Once your program is in place, you need to inform and influence your travelers to make booking decisions that support the program goals. Traveler Engagement can help.

Our experts will put together a holistic communications plan designed to get the right information in front of travelers at the right time – guiding them towards the actions that you want them to take. We’ll drive savings beyond sourcing across all of your spend categories, ensuring that you get the best value all year long.

Ensure your deals are competitive

Keep employees engaged with procurement

Procurement is an essential function for any business. It’s critical that other stakeholders and teams in the organization understand the proper procurement processes and know how to work with your team in the right way.

Advito’s Employee Engagement experts know how to keep other teams across the organization engaged with procurement. We’ll help you design and implement a communications strategy based on your goals, from disseminating new policies and change management processes to creating a recognizable brand for the procurement function to drive trust.

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“The decision for going with Advito was based on their capabilities, their experience in the marketplace and the industry knowledge they brought to the table. Also, the way they manage and share data made it an easy choice for me.”

Vice President

Procurement Group, SunTrust

“We would definitely recommend Advito. In addition to their expertise, innovation, and technology development capabilities, Advito has shown a strong ability to engage with us as a partner who understands and addresses our needs. They have been a great support to the advancement of our air program.”

Group Procurement Manager

Travel & Event Planning, Nestlé

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or to decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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