Will technology help us build a more sustainable future for business travel

Today, there are numerous technological solutions designed to help create more sustainable alternatives for business travel. Here are some of the sustainability tech trends you’ll hear about in 2023 and whether they...

One simple way to ensure your corporate travel air program remains relevant in 2023

With many corporate air programs still running on extended airline contracts negotiated prior to the pandemic, now is the time for you to take a hard look at whether your air program...

How to boost travel policy compliance through digital marketing

Unlike 20 years ago, your travelers aren’t going to their TMC – everybody’s used to searching and finding things for themselves online. As a travel manager, that means you have to take...

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Advito unveils groundbreaking, ISO certified emissions calculator for meetings and events

Advito and BCD M&E are empowering their clients to make the environmental impact of their meetings and events a central element of their planning process and driving the industry toward a more...

Advito launches industry-first eQSI score to factor environmental impact into air negotiations

Leading global travel consultancy, Advito, is proud to announce the development of the industry’s first environmental quality service index (eQSI), a market share calculation that takes aircraft efficiency into account, allowing travel...

Advito achieves ISO certification for new carbon emissions scale

Leading global travel consultancy, Advito, is proud to announce the achievement of ISO 14064 and ISO 14065 certification for GATE4, their proprietary carbon emissions calculation methodology.

Start building a sustainable business
travel program today

Advito and long-time partner LinkedIn have been working together to build a sustainable business travel strategy.

With Advito’s help, Linkedin is employing cutting-edge tactics to support company-wide goals while also significantly reducing travel-related carbon emissions.

We’re very excited to be working on this carbon price initiative with LinkedIn, and that we have a client that is so dedicated to setting science-based goals and targets. It’s one thing to say you’re going to be more sustainable, but they are actually doing it.

Julien Etchanchu, Senior Director, Sustainable Collaboration


Building a sustainable business travel program

Business leaders from every industry agree that the time to act on sustainability is now. While no two paths to building a strategy are exactly the same, for business travel managers and...

Breaking down the buzzwords: debunking 11 common sustainability myths

With many business leaders adapting to the growing demands to make sustainable choices, it’s important to understand the truth behind today’s biggest sustainability trends to ensure your actions make a real impact....

The Travel Manager’s Guide to Merchandising

This Travel Manager’s Guide to Merchandising will help you navigate key behavioral economics concepts and link them to the travel program management challenges you wrestle with every day. It sheds light on...


Join Advito at the Sustainable Business Travel Summit Europe

This one-day buyer-focused event focuses on advancements in sustainability and climate action policy adoption along with actions taken by companies to align business travel with corporate objectives to increase sustainability practices.

Don’t miss these sessions at GBTA Conference Europe

Join Advito and BCD Travel on November 8-10 at Europe’s largest conference for business travel and meetings management professionals. GBTA Conference 2022 – Brussels is a great opportunity to discover the latest...

Join Advito at ITM Autumn Conference

The Institute of Travel Management (ITM) is holding their first Autumn Conference this October. While demand for travel has risen in the past year, many challenges have emerged, making progress tricky. Travel...