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When: Monday, November 8-10, 2022
Where: SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre

Join Advito and BCD Travel on November 8-10 at Europe’s largest conference for business travel and meetings management professionals. GBTA Conference 2022 – Brussels is a great opportunity to discover the latest strategies and trends to elevate your business travel program. Advito experts will be on site at the booth and in education sessions covering topics including sustainability, traveler engagement and technology.

Plus, for the first time ever GBTA will be hosting a Global Sustainability Summit, focused on driving action toward reducing travel emissions. Advito’s sustainability practice lead, Julien Etchanchu will be joining a session during the summit focused on how we can use accurate data to effectively reach our emissions goals.

Our Speakers:

Q&A with the experts: How to reduce emissions and reach sustainability goals

Shelley Fletcher-Bryant
Senior Director, Sales & Client Relationship Management, Advito

Increased scrutiny on scope 3.6 emissions: how to get accurate data   November 8 | 11:40 a.m.
Join Shelley Fletcher-Bryant at GBTA’s first ever Global Sustainability Summit, a one-day, high-level event that will bring together experts, industry and policy leaders to outline concrete solutions to decarbonize business travel, in alignment with the Paris Climate Goals. During this session, Shelley will join three panelists to discuss the need for more accurate data for air emissions and how we can bring alignment across the various methodologies.

How can we make the future of corporate travel sustainable

Olivier Benoit
Principal and Vice President, Global Practices & Sales, Advito

NDC – 10 years after key milestones and future expectations   November 9 | 12:30 pm
As a part of the GBTA Europe Aviation Committee, Olivier will be joining this session to review NDC and look at the key milestones with the goal to educate our newest travel professional community. The committee will be looking at the progress and key information from different perspectives (supplier, technology and corporate). We will be able to review the progress so far, look into the near future and what we should expect from NDC.

Sarah Whiting

Sarah Whiting
Director, Solutions Consulting, BCD Hotel Solutions

Data-driven innovation: harnessing the power of the total trip  November 9 | 12:30 pm
The super PNR has long been the elusive unicorn of the travel world. Fragmented bookings and disparate systems, outside booking behaviors and en route decisions make it difficult to capture a complete snapshot of the trip. Find out how companies are leveraging technology to map, capture and consolidate trip data across multiple sources. And deliver a quick, complete record of a trip, so you can drive meaningful change across your program.

David Coppens

David Coppens
Executive Vice President, Global Operations, BCD Travel

The big idea: travel and the law of attraction
November 9 | 3:00 pm

Taking care of business means taking care of talent. But talent is hard to come by, and even harder to attract when an industry loses its lustre. How do we make travel sexy again? How do we make it a reason people want to work and travel for an organisation, or indeed join the industry itself?

This year’s Big Idea will address this existential issue – shifting the perception of travel to the benefit of corporates, travellers and our entire industry.

How to boost travel policy compliance through digital marketing

Kelly Ellis
Global Traveler Engagement Practice Lead, Advito

Achieve Your Travel Program Goals With Digital Marketing          November 10 | 9:00 am
Twenty years ago, choosing travel was simple – you called your TMC. In the digital age, choices are limitless. Business travelers are just like any other digitally savvy consumer, and if you don’t use the same marketing tactics that they are used to seeing outside of your program to influence their decisions, you’ll lose them to other channels. In this session, we’ll talk about marketing strategies you can use to influence your travelers’ buying behaviors and build a future-fit traveler engagement strategy.

Q&A with the experts: How to reduce emissions and reach sustainability goals

Shelley Fletcher-Bryant
Senior Director, Sales & Client Relationship Management, Advito

Sustainability vs DEI – Equally important or does it have its own platform in your organization
November 10 | 9:00 am

In our world where Sustainability, Planet and People are key topics in both our work and social life; we all have a position or agenda when it comes to how to make change and also bring about change. Shelley Fletcher-Bryant will be joining this panel to discuss how Advito and BCD approach sustainability and DE&I within the company.


Jorge Mesa
Director, Global Crisis Management, BCD Travel

Be more strategic: morphing your TRM program to support all your people
November 10 | 9:00 am

Most organizations have implemented a Travel Risk Management (TRM) program over the years. These programs have enabled companies to prepare, communicate, assess and assist all travellers, both business and leisure. While the pandemic resulted in ‘Low to No’ travel, this is changing as people begin to undertake business travel again. Learn from a Buyer, a TMC and an Expert on how to use your current TRM procedures and tools to create a People Risk Management (PRM) program for your organization. Protect the organization’s #1 asset – your People.

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