Human Resources

Mitigate business travel risk as you continue working towards a happier, healthier workforce.

Increase traveler satisfaction and help employees stay engaged and informed

Improve duty of care

When an employee travels on behalf of the company, it’s critical you can take swift action in case of emergencies

Focus on health and wellness

Wellness plays a big role in employee happiness and productivity, and that doesn’t change when they’re on the road

Keep employees engaged

Decrease turnover and empower employees to take an active role in building a positive company culture

Keep duty of care front and center

The travel industry is rapidly changing, and duty of care should be at the forefront of the decision-making process as things shift. Travel program stakeholders will need to engage with HR to craft and deliver clear and concise messages around the changing work situation.

As travelers get back on the road, building duty of care considerations into your company’s travel policy will be critical to drive their trust in the program. We’re here to help you see returns on your biggest investment – your people.

Drive ROI in your investment in talent

Now more than ever it’s important to have a thoughtful and holistic communication approach in this new working environment. From remote work requirements to office reentry and virtual collaboration strategies and everything in between, we are here to support you.

Advito’s Employee Engagement specialists will develop clear marketing and communications to keep all of your employees informed as you navigate this space to ensure your employees feel supported – reducing turnover and driving down recruitment costs.

Calculate your potential savings now

Our approach drives results. Achieve incremental savings and prove the value of travel.

Use Trusted Marketing Techniques to Engage Employees

Our Traveler Engagement offering is designed with the traveler at its core. We use digital marketing and communication strategies to make sure that the latest information is in their hands, empowering them to make decisions that make sense for both themselves and the company.

Beyond travel, our Employee Engagement experts extend the same marketing tactics to ensure that employees are engaged with the HR function.

From onboarding new HR tools and technologies to making sure policies and other information are digestible and easy to understand, we’ll help you make sure that all stakeholders know how and when to engage with the HR team.

Let a robust communications strategy be the building block to move your forward.

With a robust employee engagement strategy, you can:

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Support change management initiatives
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Power up diversity & inclusion initiatives

Advito brought their marketing and communications experience to evaluate what works (and doesn’t) at LinkedIn, and designed communications strategies that really matched our culture.”

Leslie Hadden

Global Travel & Event Operations Manager, LinkedIn

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or to decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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