Sustainable Business Travel

Take a holistic approach to building a sustainable business travel program.

Sustainability should be a key initiative in your travel program, but it can be daunting to know where to start

Accurately measure your travel emissions

Gain a true picture of your  travel program’s carbon footprint to ensure you’re setting the right sustainability goals

Determine what concrete actions can you take

To make an impact, you’ll need to reduce carbon emissions, decrease travel demand, and find the right suppliers

Use proven marketing tactics to influence travelers

Use proven Traveler Engagement strategies to help your travelers make smart, environmental decisions

Sustainable travel is the future of business travel

In today’s business travel landscape, simply offsetting carbon emissions alone is not enough to make a real difference. Sustainability is not just a trend that will fade away, and the travel function can and should be a leader in setting and achieving organizational sustainability goals. Advito’s experts will help you reduce the environmental footprint of your travel program, drive savings, and increase traveler satisfaction.

We’ll help you create a data-driven strategy with our advanced business intelligence and proprietary carbon emissions calculation methodology – GATE4. Our advanced methodology will help you identify what actions you should take and what suppliers you should be working with to achieve your goals. We’ll also develop a Traveler Engagement strategy to influence your travelers to use virtual alternatives and make the right choices when they do get on the road.

Sustainable Travel Is The Future Of Business Travel
Sustainable Business Travel

Let your data guide your decisions

Advito’s multi-source dashboards will help you visualize your sustainability goals – from carbon emissions to traveler wellness KPIs. These insights will help you integrate sustainability into your sourcing engagements, develop a merchandising strategy to shift share to more sustainable suppliers, as well as examine and validate the reasons why people travel in the organization.

Advito will bring your program into the new future, helping you navigate the emerging areas of sustainable business travel, like sustainable aviation fuel, carbon offsetting, and carbon budgeting.


Explore the cutting-edge strategies Advito’s sustainability and employee engagement
experts are using today to help clients build a sustainable business travel program.

Educate and influence your stakeholders

After spending so much effort to understand your footprint and what actions you can take to reduce it, the next step is to engage with your travelers. You will only achieve your sustainability goals if they are aware of those goals and active participants in making the changes that are necessary.

Our Traveler Engagement experts will create targeted messaging based on your program data that is tied to your sustainability initiatives. You can help your travelers understand new policy directives, when they should be shifting from air travel to rail, or if there are suitable virtual alternatives that could replace a trip altogether.

By reinforcing key sustainability messages across multiple channels, you will make your travelers an important piece of your sustainability agenda.

Through an optimal mix of advanced business intelligence, supplier management, and Traveler Engagement strategies, you can ensure reduced carbon emissions, business continuity, and increased productivity and satisfaction no matter how your employees work together.

Educate and influence your stakeholders
Julia Filder, Senior Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft

Our partnership with Advito has been a crucial component of work in aligning the Microsoft travel program with our corporate sustainability goals. The team was a joy to work with, bringing essential new insight while being both flexible and patient as we navigated these complex challenges together. Advito helped us determine where and how Microsoft could make meaningful changes to our travel behaviors to reduce carbon emissions, as well as how to effectively communicate these goals to our travelers.”

Julia Fidler

Senior Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or to decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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