Take control of your travel program with Total Trip Insights

Automate expense data integration in the SAP Concur App Center for a full picture of your travel program.

Go beyond traditional data consolidation and reporting


Drill down into the data most important to you. Analyze spend by region, business unit, or even traveler persona.


Understand future trends based on past activity. Anticipate total spend, leakage, and cost per trip with our machine learning capabilities.


Don’t wait for quarterly reports to spot gaps in your strategy, see what’s happening in your travel program in real time.


Seamlessly consolidate SAP Concur expense data, agency data, and third-party sources to accurately measure travel program costs.


Make decisions that are informed by data, and visualize share shift opportunities that will drive real cost savings


Pinpoint savings opportunities by analyzing spend across multiple travel categories – including air, hotel, car, meals, and entertainment.


Enhance the strategic value of your travel program

Through our SAP Concur App Center partnership, your Concur Expense data will automatically flow into Total Trip insights and integrate with your agency data along with other third-party data sources, providing a holistic and highly-visual analysis of your program.

Uncover opportunities to reduce leakage, drive savings, improve compliance, shift traveler behavior, and more with Total Trip Insights’ advanced data visualization and predictive analytics.

Optimize your travel program with data-driven insights

With a holistic picture of your total costs and traveler behavior, you can drive new value to your travel program. With the right strategy in place, you can:

  • Assess supplier performance
  • Predict future spend and leakage trends
  • Pinpoint savings opportunities
  • Understand travel demand and trip purpose trends
  • Identify share-shift opportunities
  • Leverage real-time data analytics
Total Trip Insights Expense Analysis

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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