Data & Analytics

Don’t settle for traditional when it comes to your data strategy.

Use business intelligence to enhance the strategic value of your travel program

Stay ahead of changing market conditions
Take action with confidence

Don’t let a bandwidth or a lack of expertise prevent you from building a data and analytics strategy

Expand your visibility

Look deeper into market trends, contract performance, travel spend and traveler behavior with smart analytics

Increase negotiation leverage

Enter your supplier negotiations with a strong, data-driven strategy to guarantee the best terms

Turn data into stories

The most successful travel programs are adaptable, sustainable, and cost-effective – and actionable insights based off data and analytics can help you achieve these goals. Transform your data into stories that speak to executive leadership, align with business goals, and drive new value in your travel program. With the right strategy in place, you can:

  • Meet preferred supplier targets
  • Change traveler behavior
  • Identify program leakage
  • Drill down into regional or cost center-specific KPIs
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Benchmark your performance
  • Forecast future travel demand or supplier pricing scenarios
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Total Trip Insights Travel Spend

Optimize your program,
all year long

Markets are constantly shifting, and you need real-time analytics and ongoing insights to stay ahead. Dynamic Performance Management is built to interpret your data and market conditions so you can make continuous improvements to your program throughout the year to drive incremental savings.

We’ll integrate internal corporate data, direct-booked data, and exclusive, third-party sources to deliver results. Our robust data cleansing, consolidation, and integration processes – as well as our proprietary tools – provide accurate, meaningful analytics visualized in dashboards and applications.

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Uncover which data sources you should be measuring and how they can help you build a successful data-driven strategy to future-fit your travel program!

Decide based on predictive intelligence

The best business decisions are based on the numbers. Our intelligent business rules engines and data visualization tools can provide insights into program performance that allow you to adjust supplier and traveler engagement strategies in real-time.

Examine your air program with historical data and future forecasting
  • Capture historical and future trends with the Quality-of-Service Index (QSI), our analytical tool that consolidates agency data and unbiased expected market share metrics
  • Gain transparency into airline pricing and create saving opportunities with the Airfare Predictor, a tool that mimics traveler shopping behavior – looking six months into the future and covering more than 450 routes to forecast pricing.
Drive savings beyond sourcing in your hotel program with advanced analytics
  • Get access to on-demand data visualizations including market-rate and rate availability audits, day-of-week analysis, room type patterns, advance purchase patterns, amenities spend, and more.
  • Ensure consistency and quality during the data consolidation, proposal analysis, and selection phases of your sourcing engagement with Hotel Program Manager (HPM), Advito’s proprietary business rules engine.
Put data at the heart of a successful sustainability strategy
  • Make travel a key contributor to company-wide sustainability goals with dashboards to track KPIs and emissions data across air, hotel, rail and car – powered by our proprietary GATE4 methodology.
  • Get access to dashboards to visualize your success, from reducing emissions and shifting from air to rail, to drive share shift to the most sustainable suppliers on key routes and markets.
Influence your travelers’ behavior with a data-backed marketing strategy
  • Use these insights to create a traveler engagement strategy that is based on the numbers. Identify opportunities to influence their behavior to achieve your goals, and use the data to build the right communications in the right channel.
  • Create Merchandising assets that are directly linked to the opportunities for improvement identified by your data. Put the information in your travelers’ booking path that is guaranteed to drive results – from the OBT to your mobile apps.
Nestlé quote box

“Advito spent time with us to understand our requirements and how we wanted to use our data…They actually designed some of our available features in their new air interactive dashboard from our input. The tool allows us to manipulate visualizations and drill down to learn more however and whenever we need.”

Marc Zuber

Group Procurement Manager, Travel & Event Planning, Nestle

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or to decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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