Travel Policy

Build a best-in-class corporate travel policy.

Move beyond a basic policy and into a new culture of travel framework

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Create an easily digestible, dynamic policy

Most travel policies are antiquated, too long, and difficult to consume

Compass realign policy with your corporate culture
Realign policy with your corporate culture

Policies that are misaligned with company culture often result in non-compliance

Stay ahead of changing market conditions
Stay ahead of changing market conditions

Best practices are constantly shifting and require a dynamic, adaptable policy

Make your travel policy work for you

Make your policy work for you

The travel policy is the foundation of the program. It helps shape the culture of travel in the company, clearly outlines expectations, and should be structured to support your overall program goals. A best-in-class policy can help you:

  • Improve duty of care
  • Drive cost savings
  • Reduce leakage
  • Increase compliance
  • Decrease carbon emissions
  • Empower your travelers

Drive adoption with Traveler Engagement

Despite their significance, corporate travel programs often see policy development only as an extension of cost management. Advito sees it differently, and we can show you how to seize the power of your travel policy.

Once your policy is in place, it is crucial you have a communications strategy that engages and educates your travelers. Be ready with a travel policy that is modern, concise, and easy to read. Advito’s Traveler Engagement experts can craft a communication strategy that uses cutting-edge marketing tactics to ensure your travelers are getting the message.

Drive Adoption

Mondelēz reduces T&E spend by 20%

And significantly improves policy compliance with Traveler Engagement

Travel Policy

Communicate your policy at the
point of sale

In this distracting digital world, you have only seconds to get your travelers’ attention. The more you understand about how your travelers think and make decisions, the better you can influence their travel booking behavior to support the goals of your travel program and organization.

Our merchandising strategists create messaging to get crucial policy information in front of travelers in the booking tools, so you can empower them make the right decisions.


Reimaging your corporate travel policies for the modern world – aligning policies with transforming industry standards and shifting business goals. Advito will help you align the goals, focus areas and requirements of your company’s stakeholders and travelers, determine which actions can help achieve program goals, empower travelers to make economical, sustainable travel decisions.

Our consultants have years of experience helping Travel Manager’s revitalize their programs. We provide:
  • Expertise – Traditional benchmarking no longer has a relevance in today’s travel landscape. Instead use our industry experience to assess your police to a true industry gold standard.
  • Mobility – The shifting travel climate means rules and regulations are changing all the time. We’ll rewrite and redesign your policy to engage travelers in a mobile world.
  • Delivery – Changes are most effective when you can share them efficiently with your audiences. We’ll build a communication strategy into the plan.
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We are producing quantifiable results, among them a significant decrease in spend so far. We’re also strengthening our relationship with employees on the road. They better understand our travel policy – not just what it is, but why it’s important. Actively engaging travelers helps us stay on budget and enhances our travel program brand”


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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or to decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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