Accurately Measure Your Travel Emissions with GATE4

Contribute to organizational sustainability initiatives and help your travelers make the right decisions and travel more responsibly.

Get a holistic, accurate picture of your
business travel carbon emissions

Avoid inaccurate emissions reporting

GATE4 is proven to yield the most accurate reporting in the industry across air, hotel, rail and car emissions

Help travelers make the right decisions

Inaccurate reporting can lead to missed opportunities and bad decision making from travelers

Gain visibility into travel’s contributions

Understand how the travel function is contributing to the organization’s overall sustainability goals

Build a data-driven strategy

The first and most challenging step to creating a sustainable travel program is knowing where to start. Advito’s proprietary GATE4 carbon emissions calculation methodology is the only ISO-certified methodology designed for business travel. The methodology powers our GATE4 Insights dashboard, allowing you to:

  • Visualize emissions trends across air, hotel, rail, and car
  • Track progress versus short-term goals and long-term targets
  • Drill down to assess key KPIs
  • Identify share-shift opportunities
  • Assess supplier sustainability performance
  • Understand what’s happening in real-time

Reduce your environmental footprint with reliable data

As an SAP Concur partner, Advito can seamlessly integrate your travel and expense data into the GATE4 Insights dashboard to calculate accurate travel emissions. With access to the industry’s most robust emissions data on a global and market level, you can develop a clear roadmap to reduce your carbon footprint.

With GATE4 reporting, you can identify opportunities to reduce non-essential travel, shift to more sustainable modes of transportation, and create a communications strategy to keep travelers engaged in achieving your sustainability goals.

Emissions Dashboard Summary Screenshot

Get a full picture of your business travel emissions

The GATE4 Insights dashboard is powered by our robust methodology, allowing travel managers to track emissions across their air, hotel, rail, and car programs.

GATE4 accounts for multiple factors not included in standard reporting, such as country-level electricity mix, carbon intensity, passenger to freight ratios, aircraft type, radiative forcing, hotel eco-labels, amenities, and more.

Set Science-Based Sustainability Targets

Take your strategy beyond simply offsetting emissions and develop a clear roadmap to reduce your footprint and contribute to the health of the planet. GATE4 is certified under the ISO 14000 series – the world’s most widely recognized environmental management standard. This means our emissions reporting figures can be included in annual financial reporting as recognized carbon calculations and be used to create science-based sustainability targets.

Working towards significant emissions reductions can also lead to dollar savings. One of our clients used GATE4 data to determine that by shifting half of their volume to a more sustainable hotel in one of their top markets, they could save up to 119,000 kg of CO2 and $163K.

Meeting the ISO requirements provides independent validation, verification, and credibility by reassuring internal and external stakeholders that Advito’s carbon footprint methodologies are accurate, robust, and compliant with internationally-recognized GHG measurement and reporting standards.”

Matthew Byway

Auditor, Alphacello

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Whether your goal is to understand your air travel footprint, build the optimal ground supplier portfolio, discover your hotel negotiation leverage, develop a communications plan, or decrease carbon emissions – Advito is here to help you succeed.


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