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Building a sustainable business travel program

LinkedIn and Advito collaborate to build the business travel program of the future.

Business leaders from every industry agree that the time to act on sustainability is now. While no two paths to building a strategy are exactly the same, for business travel managers and sustainability team leaders alike, the focus is shifting toward creating a holistic sustainability strategy that goes beyond simply reducing emissions.

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TAKE A holistic approach to sustainability

Advito and long-time partner LinkedIn have been working together to build a sustainable business travel strategy. While around 80% of LinkedIn’s scope 3 emissions come from the supply chain, the second largest contributor is business travel. With Advito’s help, Linkedin is employing cutting-edge tactics to support company-wide goals while also significantly reducing travel-related carbon emissions.

Their holistic approach goes beyond focusing solely on emissions. There are four key elements that will set an organization up for success when building the foundation of its strategy. In this report, we explore what goes into each of these elements and how they work together to build an effective strategy.

Build a data-driven foundation
Set achievable science-based targets
Ensure organizational alignment
Create an employee engagement strategy
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As we get back on the road and develop and understanding of what our new footprint looks like, the GATE4 dashboard will be critical for us. First we need to understand our travelers’ behavior and what our emissions look like going forward, then we can start to give those data-driven recommendations to our travelers to shift their booking behaviors.

Director of Global Travel & Transportation, LinkedIn


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