Finance firm engages travelers through social communities

A US-based financial services firm sought to reinforce its travel policies by engaging employees.


A U.S.-based financial services organization has had a long-standing, robust travel program. However, communicating the most important aspects of the program became stale and did not keep pace with the technological capabilities or changing workforce, causing policy compliance to drop.

The company needed to reinforce their travel policies by engaging employees through social enterprise tools and other marketing vehicles.


Through Advito’s traveler engagement practice, we:

  • Identified key aspects of the program that should be communicated to new and experienced travelers.
  • Reviewed the most-effective communication channels that could be used to engage different demographics.
  • Utilized aspects of the company culture to learn best practices for influencing employee behavior.

Included in this strategy was the creation and management of a rarely used internal social community platform. It provided an online environment where individuals — regardless of title or position — could engage on topics to create a more knowledgeable audience. Social communities can be used to quickly share opinions, stay connected and converse with subject matter experts. Because the business traveler demographic within the company is diverse and spanned multiple departments, the social community was the perfect way to reach a broader audience.

The traveler engagement manager oversaw page development, content development, social nurturing and promotion. Over a six-month period, they generated the following quantitative and qualitative results.


Travelers became more educated on the travel program, leading to better results in key areas of the program. Internal IT managers recognized the travel program’s social community as a best practice for how other communities should be utilized within the company.


more users than the average of all other company communities


monthly ratio of page views per visitor


We created logos and icons that fit the parameters and capabilities of the platform and utilized “tracking links” to help measure the popularity of posts and information, and determine how people were finding the community.


We wrote original posts on various topics related to travel program goals with a consistent posting schedule and received 1.2 replies per post, which is 3.5x the average of other communities within the company.


We crafted over 20 original posts on other community pages promoting the travel program and policies. We also created compelling comments to spur extended conversations and address questions. The ongoing monitoring and optimization of available data led to continued success and we promoted the page through other communication channels.

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