Microsoft’s Travel Team Leads Charge to Drastic Carbon Reductions

Global technology giant leverages Advito’s Sustainable Collaboration offering to make meaningful changes.


Microsoft set an industry-leading initiative to avoid further growth within their scope 3 emissions and needed to align its travel team with this goal. However, they had limited insight into the levers they could apply to reduce their overall carbon footprint and needed a plan in place to inform and influence their travelers.

Advito helped us determine where and how Microsoft could make meaningful changes to our traveler behaviors to reduce carbon emissions.”
Julia Fidler, Senior Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft


Our Sustainable Collaboration team came in to do a full, data-driven analysis. We ran “what-if” scenario models to help Microsoft learn where they could shift share from air to rail and determine how many tons of carbon emissions they could save by making the change.

We also developed a robust Traveler Engagement strategy to help their travelers make the most carbon-efficient decisions during the booking process and educate them on the importance of sustainability to the overall organization. Microsoft’s Sustainability Program Manager remarked, “Our partnership with Advito has been a crucial component of our work in aligning the Microsoft travel program with our corporate sustainability goals. The team was a joy to work with, bringing essential new insight while being both flexible and patient as we navigated these complex challenges together.”


In our analysis, we found many opportunities where Microsoft could make significant changes. For example, we discovered that by shifting just 50% of their travel from air to rail on feasible routes, they would save 4,438 tons of CO2 per year.

We helped Microsoft identify their most sustainable airline suppliers and discovered multiple opportunities to reduce emissions by switching aircraft types on top routes or by shifting to rail. Most importantly, we helped bring these recommendations to life with engaging traveler communications, giving Microsoft the knowledge and ability to be ready to travel sustainably when travel returns.

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