Global company shifts share toward new airline suppliers

A large and long-tenured client needed a communications strategy to shift market share away from a particular airline.


A large and long-tenured client was facing cost increases from a long-time preferred air supplier. To avoid the significant increase, the client needed to shift share to other airline suppliers. Once the cost increases were implemented, the client saw a slight decrease in share over six months but they needed a strategy to encourage travelers to make the change more rapidly.


Advito leveraged its dynamic performance management (DPM) approach to monitor booking trends and determine which routes would benefit from using another carrier to avoid a cost increase. This insight was used to develop a tailored communications strategy to influence traveler behavior.

Advito created targeted messaging to display across multiple channels including merchandising in the OBT, agent messaging, in-office signage, company social media platform, and updates on the client’s intranet site. By monitoring engagement throughout the campaign, we were able to make ongoing adjustments to optimize our communication strategy for the best results.


Having started the year with a 32% airline share reliance, the client saw a significant drop in airline share after implementing the targeted communications campaign. In just twelve weeks, airline share reliance dropped 11 points, down to 21%. The carrier has now moved from the number one position in their program, to the third overall airline.

With enhanced analytics we were able to track the effectives of our communication efforts in the online booking tool. By analyzing the campaign engagement statistics and the client’s airline share reliance on a weekly basis, we were able to continue to refine our messaging strategy to help the client achieve their goals.

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