Influence travelers as the consumers they are

In today’s distracted world, companies have eight seconds to keep travelers interested. Pushing policy is no longer enough to manage traveler behavior. Today, effective communications must be targeted and engaging to influence travelers’ behavior…

Enhanced engagement. Long-term benefits.

Yesterday’s travel behavior improvements were about communications: What message you say, how you say it, when you say it, and where you deliver it. Some programs might continue to eke out minor savings by improving traveler communications alone. But in travel management today, our clients are challenged by a changing global workforce, travelers who think more like consumers and constantly changing technology.

Yet many travel managers say they can’t afford to divert their attention toward these challenges and away from traditional drivers like reducing costs and improving productivity. They want our expertise in addressing these demographic, behavioral and technological changes so they can focus on program essentials.

Advito is the only travel consultancy that has developed a formal practice to refresh and refine your complete traveler behavior and engagement strategy.

Our traveler engagement consultants bring their digital marketing and communications experience to the travel management team to evaluate what works (and doesn’t) for your organization, and design a communications strategy to match your culture by:

  • assessing ways that changing traveler behavior can boost savings and employee satisfaction
  • aligning your travel program goals—and traveler engagement strategies—with your broader corporate goals
  • using existing communication tools effectively and adopting emerging tools when it makes sense
  • measuring the effectiveness of your traveler engagement strategy to make sure it stays relevant

It’s all about providing timely, relevant information to travelers through the channel of their choice. With the right engagement strategy, you can create significant long-term benefits, from cost savings to increased policy compliance.

Use this solution when…

  • you need a boost in performance beyond your current sourcing activities
  • your company’s culture is in transition
  • you need to drive savings and improve compliance

Check out Advito’s corporate travel playbook, Up your game: Build a social community of travelers, to better understand the value of building a social community among business travelers and how to create a shared sense of purpose to influence them.