Advito’s Traveler Engagement Practice Unveils New Name and Digital-First Service Offerings

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Advito’s Traveler Engagement Practice Unveils New Name and Digital-First Service Offerings

Engage by Advito is the natural evolution of the consultancy’s industry-leading Traveler Engagement Practice as they expand their offerings to work with stakeholders outside of business travel.

CHICAGO – January 31, 2024 – Leading global business travel consultancy Advito is proud to announce the evolution of their industry-first Traveler Engagement Practice to its next iteration: Engage by Advito. This strategic evolution signals a significant expansion in capabilities, enabling the team to collaborate with stakeholder groups beyond business travel on a broad spectrum of strategic communications projects. While continuing to deliver unparalleled traveler engagement solutions to travel buyers around the world, Engage by Advito extends the consultancy’s expertise to benefit other key stakeholder groups within their client organizations and beyond.

Launched in 2014, Advito’s Traveler Engagement practice has long been recognized for its innovation and excellence in applying behavioral economics and marketing strategies to enhance the traveler experience, drive savings, and increase travel program satisfaction. With Engage by Advito, the consultancy takes a step into a broader realm, leveraging its communications expertise to work across verticals and business units, such as sustainability, human resources, procurement, IT, security, diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I), among others. Their enhanced service offerings focus on digital marketing, and include a variety of cutting-edge tactics, like data beaconing, tribetailing, and digital adoption.

The Traveler Engagement team’s evolution to Engage positions Advito not only as an industry-leading business travel consultancy, but as a one-stop-shop for marketing and communications initiatives,” said Kelly Ellis, the Global Practice Lead for Engage. “We often find that strategic communications are an extremely necessary, but often overlooked, part of any projects’ success – from onboarding a new tool or platform to designing and rolling out new learning and development modules, and everything in between. We’re excited to leverage our team’s wealth of experience to help stakeholders outside of travel generate immediate and sustained results.

In an increasingly digital world, Engage by Advito is the next natural step for the consultancy. It aligns with the evolving needs of today’s businesses, offering solutions that embrace a more interconnected and holistic approach. Engage by Advito will continue delivering exceptional traveler marketing, merchandising, and travel policy services to their clients, and the expanded portfolio will allow Advito to bring their marketing and communications expertise to a wider audience. In an era where digital connectivity is paramount, Engage by Advito is a versatile and strategic partner for organizations seeking integrated and effective communications solutions.

About Advito

Advito is the consulting arm of BCD Travel, specializing in transforming corporate travel programs. Employing an intelligence-driven framework, Advito dynamically manages supplier spend and traveler behavior, ensuring efficient travel programs that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Through smart analytics, unique supplier strategies, and integrated traveler engagement, Advito elevates travel programs to new heights of sustainability, savings, and satisfaction. As a pioneering travel consultancy with its ISO-certified carbon reporting methodology, GATE4, Advito has also established a dedicated practice area for sustainable business travel.

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