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Advito white papers provide valuable perspective on the issues and challenges in and around the corporate travel industry.
2015 Industry Forecast
Advito releases 2015 Industry Forecast for business travel. With the global economy forecast to continue improving, business travel demand will grow in 2015.
Advito rate expectations
The principle of dynamic pricing—the changing price of a commodity based on current market value—isn't new in business travel. But it is gaining new prominence in accommodation pricing as hotels increasingly use their version of dynamic pricing, i.e., best-available rate, as the basis for calculating price. The model is still evolving, but it's already having an impact on corporate travel programs.
Advito releases update to 2014 Industry Forecast for business travel
Advito releases update to 2014 Industry Forecast for business travel: Global economic recovery is supporting air travel demand growth, but there remains regional variation in the strength of demand and in the airlines’ response to it.
Come together: Integrating your corporate travel and meetings program
ITM stands for integrated travel and meetings. It’s the next level of your strategic meeting management program (SMMP) combining transient and meetings spend to achieve numerous benefits: process efficiencies, savings, supplier leverage, traveler satisfaction, traveler tracking & duty of care, and better data. This white paper will help you decide if ITM is right for your program.
2014 Industry Forecast March Update
Advito releases update to 2014 Industry Forecast for business travel: Global economic growth will regain momentum this year, with advanced economies driving this change.
2014 Industry Forecast December Update
Advito Releases Update to 2014 Industry Forecast for Business Travel: Global economic growth will be stronger in 2014, as advanced economies continue to recover.
2014 Industry Forecast
Advito Releases 2014 Industry Forecast for Business Travel: Growth in demand moderate, companies and suppliers remain cautious
Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter
Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter encourages travel managers to fundamentally change their approach to corporate travel programs, and makes the case that the traditional “command and control” approach to travel management offers fewer opportunities for innovation than building strong relationships with travelers.
Leading the Way: Corporate Travel Management Goes Next-gen
The white paper addresses travel managers, procurement executives and other corporate stakeholders to further the conversation around innovation in travel. It showcases success stories from companies that have tackled the complexities of managing travel in a post-recessionary environment, and by doing so achieved better-than-policy and uncovered additional savings opportunities.
Strategic Travel Program KPI's White Paper
From Numbers to Action: improving travel program management through strategic KPIs and meaningful savings measuremen Travel program managers are increasingly being asked to measure their success against corporate objectives. This white paper by BCD Travel’s consulting unit, Advito, provides travel managers with clear guidelines for directly linking travel program performance with corporate objectives using strategic key performance indicators, or KPIs.
Travel Risk Management White Paper
Business travel-related risk management is making it to the top of the agenda at the corporate level. Most security and travel managers are aware of these recent developments but unsure how to initiate a successful travel risk management program that does not inhibit corporate mobility. The white paper explains why companies should adopt a systematic, strategic approach to travel risk management – and how to do it.
Responsible Travel Management
Advito outlines the importance of using a strategic approach when creating travel programs that integrate with overall Corporate Social Responsibility goals and stakeholder requirements.
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