Virtual Collaboration

Corporations all over the world are being tasked with transforming the way they do business to ensure sustainable growth.  

In our ever-changing world, it’s crucial to give your employees the tools they need to be able to communicate and collaborate whenever, wherever. Transform your travel program into a Sustainable Collaboration™ program and leverage virtual technology to ensure business continuity, productivity and satisfaction no matter how employees work together.  


Create a “Stay or Go” framework  

Assess the drivers of travel demand in your organization and build a “stay or go” framework to help employees determine the best travel and collaboration options. Encourage choices that support organizational business and sustainability goals – making travelers key stakeholders in the process.  


Reduce travel demand  

Cut down on non-optimal travel by providing alternatives like video conferencing, immersive telepresence and virtual meeting rooms. You can reduce or redirect 4-10% of your total travel spend by encouraging the use of more sustainable forms of collaboration.  


Ensure business continuity   

When global events cause disruption and limit how employees can successfully collaborate, use virtual collaboration strategies to ensure that employees can work together under any circumstances – safely, happily, ad with minimal impact to the environment 


Engage and influence travelers  

Leverage Advito’s industry-leading suite of Traveler Engagement services to communicate with travelers and ensure awareness and adoption of program goals from adopting new virtual collaboration technologies to making eco-friendly decisions both while booking travel and on the road.  

Your travel program has an opportunity to develop a more sustainable model that will ensure employees can work together under any circumstance.  

Integrate virtual collaboration into your program, communicate and inform employees and give them the tools to make smart collaboration decisions. 



Uncover savings opportunities in your travel program

Instantly see how much you can save through demand management, traveler behavior, air and hotel strategies.

Advito gave me a realistic number based on their knowledge of the air market, and we ended up right on target. I was able to let management know in advance what the spend was going to look like and why.

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