Sustainable Collaboration

For most companies, travel is the third largest expense. It has a significant impact on the environment and affects quality of life for employees

Sustainable Collaboration engagement with Advito examines the current drivers of travel demandconsiders ways to mitigate the impact of travel, and encourages more sustainable forms of collaboration – like virtual tools & technology.  


Reduce Spend 

A framework to help travelers decide when to travel – or more importantly, when not to – can dramatically reduce internal travel by up to 50% and reduce gross travel spend by as much as 5% by cutting unnecessary costs. 


Improve Productivity 

Reducing unnecessary travel leads to a better work-life balance, happier employees and increased retention rates. It can also positively impact recruitment, as today’s business travelers are more invested than ever in sustainability. 


Increase Sustainability 

Reduce carbon emissions by as much as 10% and ensure that you’re working with the most sustainable suppliers. Integrate sustainability into your travel policy and help travelers make the right decisions to support your organizational goals. 

One of the most important opportunities for companies working to increase sustainability, savings, and employee satisfaction is to use virtual collaboration as an alternative to travel – particularly internal travel. 

Integrating virtual options can make measurable positive impacts on spending, productivity and retention – if those options make it easy for people to stay. 

Advito brings together a cross-functional team of experts to guide you through each step of a Sustainable Collaboration engagement

Beginning with a data-rich program assessment, we align your sustainability goals with a communication and implementation plan that encompasses travel and an array of technologies. 

Advito clients gain a full-scale collaboration approach that promotes effective communication without physical presence, reducing the environmental impact of travel and transforming how work gets done. 


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See how Advito can deliver breakthrough savings with our savings calculator or contact one of our travel experts to learn more.

Sustainable Collaboration is going to change the way we work. It’s not just a savings initiative, it’s also work-life balance and an environmental issue. It’s many things.

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