Sustainable Collaboration™

Turn your corporate travel program into a Sustainable Collaboration™ program

A Sustainable Collaboration engagement examines the drivers of travel demand and encourages alternative forms of collaboration. With an optimal mix of business intelligence and Traveler Engagement strategies, you can ensure business continuity, productivity, and satisfaction no matter how employees work together.


Reduce travel demand and ensure business continuity

In the case that your business is affected by global events or initiatives and employees can’t easily travel, you need to keep business moving. Integrating virtual collaboration into your program and educating employees on the how and why to use it ensures your employees will be able to work from anywhere no matter what.


Ensure traveler well-being

Keeping travelers safe and well on the road is a corporate responsibility. Travelers need communication at the right time and through the right channels to ensure they receive the information they need to take the important steps necessary to maintain their wellbeing.


Mitigate the environmental impact of travel

Our holistic approach to Sustainable Collaboration tackles the problem from all angles, using advanced business intelligence to examine carbon emissions, what-if scenario modeling, and proven Traveler Engagement strategies to build awareness, educate and influence mindful collaboration decisions. The result is a reduced carbon footprint, increased savings, and more productive and happy employees.

One of the most important opportunities for companies working to increase sustainability, savings, and employee satisfaction is to use virtual collaboration as an alternative to travel – particularly internal travel. 

Integrating virtual options can make measurable positive impacts on spending, productivity and retention – if those options make it easy for people to stay. 

Advito brings together a cross-functional team of experts to guide you through each step of a Sustainable Collaboration engagement

Beginning with a data-rich program assessment, we align your sustainability goals with a communication and implementation plan that encompasses travel and an array of technologies. 

Advito clients gain a full-scale collaboration approach that promotes effective communication without physical presence, reducing the environmental impact of travel and transforming how work gets done. 


Uncover savings opportunities in your travel program

Instantly see how much you can save through demand management, traveler behavior, air and hotel strategies.

Sustainable Collaboration is going to change the way we work. It’s not just a savings initiative, it’s also work-life balance and an environmental issue. It’s many things.

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