Travel Policy Development

Business travel policies have a critical impact on the work-life balance and productivity for employees and impact how well an organization attracts and retains talent. Despite its significant influence, travel policy development often is treated as just a cost management factor. When companies want to save money, one of the first things they’ll do is review where they can tighten negotiations and make adjustments to optimize costs and productivity.

Advito approaches business travel policy as an opportunity, particularly for those who are tasked with doing more with less. We help clients identify gaps and improvement areas and develop transparent, meaningful guidelines instead of just stale, rigid policies. Travelers should understand why they need to make the right choices instead of just being given strict rules to follow. Policies should be delivered in real time, as the traveler is making a purchase decision, in order to have the most impact. With a fresh, updated policy from Advito, you’ll have more engaged, satisfied travelers who will treat a travel budget like it is their own.

Mondelēz boosts compliance and its travel program brand while reducing spend by over 20%.

It’s not unusual for travelers to take it upon themselves to see what rates and fares are available. To keep employees in the program, Advito employs dynamic policy technologies that enable travel teams to access what is available in the market in real time. This information allows them to set new standards as needed to provide employees with attractive and competitive options.

To make compliance advantageous and influence positive decisions, an organization can set incentives that reward their people when they make or exceed compliance when deciding if, how and when to travel. Ultimately, this incentive can improve employee satisfaction and productivity – which is a proven way to reduce spend.

Establishing and communicating an inside travel policy addresses three critical needs.


Provide a starting point for updating a stagnant or outdated travel policy that does not incentivize good travel decisions.


Create and clearly communicate benchmarks so others in our organization understand their options and requirements, and can compare them to what others offer.


Understand how future policy changes could impact our travelers and our costs.

Advito is advancing the practice of travel.
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Uncover savings opportunities in your travel program

Instantly see how much you can save through demand management, traveler behavior, air and hotel strategies.

We are producing quantifiable results, among them a significant decrease in spend so far. We’re also strengthening our relationship with employees on the road. They better understand our travel policy—not just what it is but why it’s important. Actively engaging travelers helps us stay on budget and enhances our travel program brand.

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