Reduce hotel spend through better sourcing and a dynamic approach to performance management.

Advito’s hotel program sourcing and performance management services make sure you’re getting – and keeping – the best market rates. We provide complete end-to-end hotel sourcing services that will ensure you always have the upper hand in negotiations and get the most savings possible. But since many travel programs have reached the point of diminishing returns in incremental savings, leverage now lies in actively tracking performance after the negotiations. In today’s world of rapid change and innovation, it’s not enough to compare last year with this year. With Dynamic Performance Management, instead of sourcing just being a single event, we transform hotel program performance management to be an ongoing process of evaluation and realignment. It saves you more and takes the stress out of the annual sourcing cycle. Advito’s hotel practice offers:

Traditional full-service hotel sourcing – Including multi-source data consolidation, program assessment, strategy recommendations for the RFP, solicitation lists, proposal evaluation and negotiations, savings analysis and implementation.

Dynamic Performance Management™ – Active, continuous hotel program management where we evaluate spend in real time and match long-term commitments with corporate objectives. We focus on dynamically comparing performance to the market and quickly adapting to changes rather than waiting weeks or months before renegotiating contracts. With advanced analytics, predictive tools and new slices of transactional data, we strategically take advantage of fluctuations in supply and changing demand patterns.

With our industry-leading Intelligence & Analytics fueling the process, we can identify the best properties, markets and rates and ensure you run the most cost-effective hotel program possible.

If you are ready to take a new approach to hotel performance management that is guaranteed to take stagnant or modest returns and increase them exponentially, contact Advito.

Real leverage, real savings

Power up your hotel negotiations with the ability to quantify and prove the true value your organization brings, and always get the most competitive negotiated rates your travelers deserve. Advito’s more effective program performance capabilities drive a more dynamic approach to hotel category management.

Deeper insights are power

Advito is the only sourcing partner that mines an incomparably large market index to produce the most accurate calculations. Our on-demand data visualizations include market rate and rate availability audits, day-of-week analysis, room type patterns, advance purchase patterns, amenities spend and much more.

Learn more about our Intelligence & Analytics

Low risk and maximum returns

We have over 20 years of experience and manage over 300 total engagements per year with 5-20x return. Our clients think so highly of our services that we have a 90%+ re-engagement rate.

Break the hotel sourcing cycle.
One audit a year is no longer enough.

Uncover savings opportunities in your travel program

Instantly see how much you can save through demand management, traveler behavior, air and hotel strategies.

We needed best-practice guidance from experts who understood the hotel market and had rolled out strategies that worked at other companies. We needed experts with knowledge about what was working in sectors outside of our industry. Advito helped us achieve that.

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