Advito introduces Hotel Boost, a self-service consulting offering for small to medium-sized enterprises

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Advito introduces Hotel Boost, a self-service consulting offering for small to medium-sized enterprises

The new tool is designed to help this traditionally underserved market segment reach new levels of savings and satisfaction in their hotel program.

CHICAGO – February 7, 2024 – Addressing the growing need to provide hotel consulting services for the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) market segment, Advito, a leading global travel consultancy, announces the launch of Hotel Boost. Hotel Boost is an online, self-service platform designed to provide a cost-effective solution for travel managers that don’t engage with a consultant today and may not be experts in the hotel category. The platform will provide clients with educational content, data-driven insights, and automation to replace tedious manual processes. With a suite of powerful tools, including a sourcing platform and market rate analytics dashboard, instructional courses, and a vibrant community, Hotel Boost is set to transform the way SMEs manage and optimize their hotel programs.

Hotel Boost is a completely self-service, subscription-based product. An annual subscription includes full access to tools designed by Advito’s hotel spend management experts to help clients navigate the increasingly complex hotel landscape. Hotel Boost launches with two multimedia educational courses on how to optimize program size and strategy and negotiate with hotel suppliers. Three more courses covering how to use analytics to improve performance, implementing market-level rate targets, and integrating sustainability into a hotel strategy are set to launch over the course of Q1. The courses seek to equip travel managers that have little experience sourcing and managing a hotel program with the knowledge to make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes.

Hotel Boost’s sourcing tool – Boost RFP – is powered by leading online sourcing platform, Vindow. Designed to eliminate the hassle of conducting manual sourcing engagements, it provides an easy-to-use sourcing automation platform. Boost Analytics, powered by Advito, is a dashboard designed to help travel managers keep a pulse on constant fluctuations in their top markets, uncover valuable insights, and ensure that their negotiated rates are driving value to their program. Finally, the community functionality provides a platform for clients to network with their peers and Advito’s hotel experts, as well as share knowledge and best practices.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce Hotel Boost to a market segment that has long been underserved in terms of access to robust program management and optimization tools,” said Alicia Olson, Director of Customer Success. “Hotel Boost is here to change that narrative. Our goal is to empower small to medium-sized clients, providing them with comprehensive education on the hotel category, data and analytics tools, and access to a community of their peers that will propel them toward success.”

Hotel Boost is specifically designed to cater to the budget constraints of the market segment, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. It is available for purchase globally today. Hotel Boost is not just a platform, it’s designed to be a strategic partner for SMEs who want to accelerate their hotel program performance.

About Hotel Boost

Hotel Boost is a leading self-service hotel consulting online platform, powered by Advito. It is dedicated to empowering small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients and helping them optimize their corporate hotel programs. With a focus on cost-effective solutions and tools, comprehensive education, and community engagement, Hotel Boost is revolutionizing the way SMEs approach and succeed in hotel program management. Visit for more information.

About Advito

Advito, the consulting arm of BCD Travel, is a dedicated transformer of corporate travel programs. Embracing an intelligence-driven framework, Advito adeptly manages supplier expenditure and traveler conduct, ensuring efficient travel programs that cater to all stakeholders. By leveraging intelligent analytics, distinctive supplier strategies, and integrated traveler engagement, Advito propels travel programs to unprecedented levels of sustainability, savings, and satisfaction. As a pioneering travel consultancy boasting the ISO-certified carbon reporting methodology GATE4, Advito has also established a specialized practice area for sustainable business travel. Discover more at

About Vindow

Vindow, headquartered in Miami, FL, offers the group travel industry with the only cloud-based SaaS platform that combines a centralized, full lifecycle management of the procurement process, from RFP generation through contract management, further empowered with intelligent market analytics. Vindow’s platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence which significantly improves the entire sourcing lifecycle by bringing unprecedented levels of transparency, efficiency, and insight to all transactional parties. Find out more at

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