Intelligence & Analytics

Don’t settle for the traditional when it comes to your data.

Expand your data strategy to enhance the strategic value of your corporate travel program. Our methodologies push beyond the traditional to transform your data into stories. With clear, cross-industry insights and useful analytics, you are better able to satisfy executive leadership, align with your overall corporate initiatives and drive new value in your travel program.

Advito’s Intelligence & Analytics practice offers:

Data strategy workshops to build objectives, develop a strategy and align travel data with other areas of your organization


Data integration consulting services to actualize your company’s data strategy


Analytics and data visualization solutions including apps and custom dashboards

Our advanced data integration and matching goes beyond traditional agency, payment and expense sources to provide complete visibility into every layer of your travel program.

With the actionable data, analytics and insights Advito can provide, our clients continually uncover opportunities to maximize savings, program performance and growth.

Discover breakthrough results with advanced travel program analytics.

Multi-source data consolidation for full spectrum insights

Goes beyond traditional agency, payment and expense collection such as supplemental, internal corporate data, direct-booked data and Advito-exclusive, third-party data sources.

Smart, actionable predictive and prescriptive analytics

Our algorithms and robust data cleansing give you accurate, meaningful analytics visualized in apps and dashboards.

Take action with confidence

Don’t let a lack of bandwidth or expertise keep you from implementing a data strategy. Our expert consultants are committed to bringing your data sources together to help you move forward and deliver the best possible results.

Take the next step and read how Advito Intelligence & Analytics
can drive more value from your program.

Unlike other business travel consulting firms and third-party data aggregators, we offer a holistic and economical solution that takes organizations from concept to actualization in record time. Let us help you push beyond the boundaries and tell your true story.

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