Dynamic Performance Framework

Advito travel programs adjust to shifts coming from both suppliers and travelers.

Rise above static sourcing and accomplish more with a holistic, progressive approach to spend management. Advito’s Dynamic Performance Framework keeps you ahead of a constantly shifting market with real-time analytics, monthly program insights and proactive supplier management.

With our Dynamic Performance Framework, you can improve your program on-the-fly with fresh market data instead of the traditional yearly or quarterly sourcing. We consider all the moving pieces to your program – from contracts to traveler engagement – to find incremental savings opportunities that add up to the highest possible annual return.

As supplier opportunities or risks emerge, our Framework enables the travel manager to make adjustments to see better outcomes. At the same time, our traveler engagement services, using predictive models, are able to influence the traveler population to wiser choices that align with your overall business objectives.

The Dynamic Performance Framework is the only model that takes both of these forces into account, applies it in real-time, and delivers savings and satisfaction in equal parts, leading to exponentially higher returns than traditional approaches.

Dynamic Performance Framework

What the Advito Dynamic Performance approach can do for you.

  • Real-time multisource analytics:  Access to data-rich, visual dashboards for on-demand program performance metrics.
  • Monthly insights:  Advito industry experts monitor market trends and your program’s data every month, and summarize insights and recommended next steps.
  • Total support:  Whether it’s contract renegotiations, traveler engagement campaigns or other improvements, we can take the next steps for you.
  • Guaranteed savings:  Gain incremental savings opportunities all year long to achieve higher annual returns.

Intelligence & Analytics

Analytics are at the heart of everything we do. With complete visibility into every facet of your travel program through robust intelligence and online dashboards, you have a dynamic action plan for savings and growth.

Traveler Engagement

Create a more productive, satisfactory and profitable culture of business travel. Advito’s holistic Traveler Engagement services balance the needs of the organization with the needs of your people.

Supplier Management

Adopt a more modern approach to spend management for air, hotel, ground and meetings. Powerful analytics, innovative sourcing strategies and Advito’s ongoing performance management can help you stay a step ahead of suppliers.

I need to focus on what I must do to run our travel program every day. It’s important to have Advito looking at the data on my behalf, weighing our program options and making recommendations.

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