Virtual card payments: Can they really optimize my corporate travel program?

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When: Wednesday, December 4, 2018
Time: 3 PM EST
Where: Virtual

Today corporate travel programs face many challenges when it comes to effectively and efficiently managing their program.

These innovative digital forms of payments have been in the consumer space for a while and now the corporate travel industry is taking notice. Join us as this webinar aims to educate the travel industry with what virtual card payments are and how they can optimize your corporate travel program.

Our Speakers:


Lesley O’Bryan, Principal & SVP – Advito

4 best practices to future-proof your corporate travel payments strategy

Greg Toussaint, Principal – Edgar, Dunn & Company

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In this session, we explored what virtual card payments are and how they work, the benefits of virtual cards to corporate travel programs, how companies are successfully using virtual cards, and how to choose the right virtual card solution.

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