Reduce Risk with the Traveler Security Program Assessment

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Travel risk management: How to make traveler well-being a priority

Christine Connolley, Crisis Program Manager, Global Crisis Management

When your employees are on the road, there is nothing more important than their safety.

This is why travel risk management is a key component of every business travel program, giving you peace of mind that your employees are safe no matter where they are headed.

Aligning with Global Standards

The International Organization for Standardization recently released the ISO 31030:2021- Travel risk management Guidance for organizations which provides global guidance on travel risk management. The guidance aims to, “promote a culture where travel-related risks are taken seriously, resourced adequately, managed effectively, and the benefits to the organization and stakeholders are acknowledged.”

In order to align your organization’s travel risk program with the new ISO 31030 guidelines, we have developed a new offering – the Traveler Security Program Assessment. This assessment provides you with personalized insights into where your program stands today. It is fully customized, taking into consideration your organizational flow and structure, risks specific to your organization and industry, and your organization’s corporate culture.

Benefits of the Traveler Security Program Assessment

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a renewed attention to duty of care and travel risk management. Organizations are focusing more closely on employee safety and employee engagement, whether that is bringing them back to the office, or sending them out on the road. Completing the Traveler Security Program Assessment and improving your program will reassure employees that their health, safety, and security are organizational priorities. The Traveler Security Program Assessment will also help you determine ways to protect your company’s assets, reputation, and business continuity, but most importantly human capital… your employees, helping you keep and attract the best talent in your industry.

How the Traveler Security Program Assessment Works

During the Traveler Security Program Assessment two of our travel security experts meet with the key stakeholders in your organization for a full-day live session to perform an in-depth review and audit of your travel risk program over the eleven key areas that encompass an effective program. At the end of the full-day, live session, you’re provided with a snapshot of results, revealing where your program stands compared to similar organizations and best-in-class programs.

Following the assessment, you’ll receive personalized results with the findings, evaluation, and recommendations – all designed to bring your organization into compliance with ISO 31030 global guidance.

Ready to Learn More?

The Traveler Security Program Assessment is available as a stand-alone service or as part of a bundle with other Advito offerings, such as Employee Engagement. Contact us to learn more about aligning your program with the ISO 31030 with the Traveler Security Program Assessment.

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