Dynamic Performance Management™ Helped a Client Save Nearly 4% in Hotel Spend. See What it Can Save You.

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By Lesley O’Bryan,  Senior Vice President

A longtime Advito hotel sourcing client had been fine-tuning their program for several years but was only seeing incremental improvements. They turned to us for a new approach to drive more savings, as well as improve program compliance.

We tailored our Dynamic Performance Management solution to complement the client’s existing hotel sourcing engagement and to meet their program-specific goals. In addition to savings, and compliance, the company wanted to optimize hotel spend in their top 10 markets, since those markets represent 58% of the program’s total spend.

Our monthly insights and actions with ongoing program performance management uncovered areas of low performance for the client to correct. The result? 3.2% savings in total hotel spend, 3.8% savings in their top 10 markets, and an expected 17% increase in compliance by the end of this year.

To see the full results and our detailed solution, download our case study on Dynamic Performance Management for Hotel.

Want to know how much you can save with Dynamic Performance Management? Use our breakthrough savings calculator to instantly see your potential savings. And your savings aren’t limited to just hotel spend. You’ll also see how much you can save with travel demand and traveler engagement strategies.

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