Advito announces new rail consulting practice for travel programs

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Advito announces new rail consulting practice as part of a shift towards a multimodal approach to business travel programs

CHICAGO – March 4, 2021 Advito, the leading travel industry consultancy, today announced the launch of a new consulting practice designed to help clients take advantage of the benefits of high-speed rail (HSR) travel in their programs. The new offering comes at a pivotal time for travel managers who are looking to optimize their programs as they begin to return to travel throughout 2021. Advito’s newest practice area is part of their shift towards a multimodal approach to business travel – finding the right mix of air and rail to optimize spend, reduce carbon emissions, and increase traveler productivity and satisfaction.

The consultancy anticipates that HSR will become increasingly important to travel managers as the industry is expected to grow 40% by just 2030. In Europe, despite a timid start, rail liberalization will open up new opportunities for increased rail competition in the region. With the new rail offering, Advito will combine their business travel and sustainability consulting expertise to create best-in-class rail programs for corporate travel clients. Depending on client goals, the consulting offering could include an assessment of the client’s current program to understand gaps and discover improvement opportunities, a sourcing engagement to secure ideal contract terms and rates, and Dynamic Performance Management for ongoing program management and optimization.

“Our data shows that, on average, rail fares are 25% lower than airfares – and rail travel is approximately 20 times more carbon efficient than air travel. We see a real opportunity for our clients to embrace this multimodal approach and integrate more rail content into their programs to increase their contract coverage and find real savings. And as more and more of our clients are adopting aggressive sustainability goals into their travel recovery strategies, this new offering will put us in a unique position to help corporates reduce their environmental footprint and increase their traveler satisfaction. We’re excited to bring this new capability to our clients to kick off 2021,” said Lesley O’Bryan, Senior Vice President at Advito.

The new offering is available as of this release. For more information on how to transform your corporate travel program, and to learn more about the new rail solution, please visit the Advito website.

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