Rail Consulting

Adopt a multimodal approach to drive travel program transformation

High-speed rail will be an integral part of future-fit business travel programs. Are you ready?

As we enter the new future of business travel, high-speed rail (HSR) will take on a larger role in managed programs around the world. Global rail networks are on track to grow 40% by 2030, and on average, rail fares are 25% less expensive than airfares. By shifting to rail on strategic routes, you can drive significant cost and environmental savings. While cost is critical, we also take into consideration a number of other benefits for your travelers and program, like productivity, safety, and comfort.

Cost savings. HSR pricing is very competitive. Integrating rail into your supplier mix will increase competition in your program, drive down costs, and create negotiation leverage to get better deals for your travelers.

Sustainability. Taking a train is 20x more carbon-efficient than flying. We’ll help you identify where you can reduce emissions and develop an engagement strategy to help travelers make sustainable choices.

Productivity. With fast boarding time and limited security delays, HSR delivers fast and efficient transportation so your travelers can spend more time working, recharging, or doing any other activities that are important to them.

Increase contract coverage, drive savings, and influence travelers to make the most sustainable, cost-effective decisions.

Adopt a multimodal approach to find the right supplier mix of air and rail

Leverage Advito’s advanced analytics for complete visibility into your data so you can accurately monitor spend, carbon emissions, and program performance.

Learn how we can help you maximize the benefits of rail in your travel program.

Strategy review. Identify the gaps in your current rail strategy and discover untapped savings opportunities

Sourcing. Secure ideal contract terms, the right supplier mix, and the best possible rates for your travelers

Dynamic Performance Management. Continuously monitor performance and adjust your program based on data

Benchmarking. Tap into robust and relevant peer data to discover how your travel program’s rail prices stack up

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