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 By Lesley O’Bryan,Vice President and Principal

Lesley O'Bryan

Like many of you, I am a road warrior.  I spend a lot of time traveling between speaking events, client meetings and internal planning sessions.  I miss my kids when I’m on the road, I don’t eat and exercise like I should and I certainly don’t sleep as much as I’d like.  Just like you and your employees, I feel the stress that travel adds.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  We partnered with Cisco to take a look at the technology available today for collaboration, and found that today’s solutions are better than ever before.  However, many companies have been burned by high cost, low quality technology in the past and are gun shy to re-invest.  That’s why we rolled out our new Total Collaboration Management practice— to help companies come together across departments and identify the best collaboration alternatives for non-optimal travel.

Check out the video below, recorded at Procurecon Indirect West 2016, to learn more about the difference between optimal and non-optimal travel, and understand the vast benefits of virtual collaboration technology and a Total Collaboration Management plan.

Create savings and improve employee experience

Want to learn more?  Download our white paper to learn how to implement a Total Collaboration Management strategy and make it easy for your employees to work together with virtual collaboration tools.

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