Traveler Engagement Campaign Drives a 102% Increase in TripSource Adoption

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Keeping employees happy, productive and safe on the road is the No. 1 priority for this California-based client. The company’s travel manager is a believer in the power of technology tools to simplify journeys and provide timely, relevant information to the roughly 10,000 employees who take at least one business trip a year.

That’s why the company implemented TripSource® by BCD Travel. The TripSource platform and its companion app make it easy for travelers to manage itineraries, self-book hotels and get trip updates, relevant policy information and safety alerts anytime, anywhere. The Travel Manager knew that in order to leverage this great, new tool, he had to let his travelers know that the tool was available and tell them about all the of the benefits.

Read the full case study to see how Advito’s Traveler Engagement team leveraged digital marketing techniques to drive awareness, adoption, and trust in the program.

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