Travel sustainability push continues with new Advito services

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Travel Sustainability Push Continues with New Advito Services

With the corporate travel sector ever-more focused on sustainability, travel consultancy Advito is rolling out a new line of services to help client corporations reduce travel demand and mitigate the environmental impact of their business travel.

Dubbed Sustainable Collaboration, the suite of services is designed to help travel buyers set up effective carbon-offset programs, replace some travel with more sustainable forms of collaboration, measure the environmental impact of travel, engage travelers to make more sustainable choices, and factor sustainability considerations into travel supplier selection, according to Advito.

The consultancy attributed the creation of the program to a “significant increase in demand” from clients for advice on increasing sustainability in travel. And that trend is expected only to grow stronger due to the increased global focus on climate change and the rise of a younger generation of business travelers, Advito predicted.

Advito parent company BCD Travel previously collaborated with the Global Business Travel Association to launch the Sustainability in Travel Self-Assessment Tool, which enables travel managers to measure 10 areas of travel program sustainability and provides recommendations for improvement.

Earlier this month, travel management provider Egencia added new functionality to its analytics suite to help clients track carbon emissions from trips and leverage that data to reduce the carbon footprint of their travel programs and reach sustainability goals.

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