Travel Experts Roundtable: Business Travel & the COVID-19 Pandemic

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When: Tuesday, May 5 2020
Time: 11 am EST/ 5 pm CET
Where: Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every player in the travel ecosystem, and it will have lasting effects on the way that business travel programs will be sourced and managed going forward. Never before have we seen the business travel industry change so rapidly on a global scale. While we know the crisis won’t last forever, right now there is no clear end in sight.

Join us on this engaging webinar to hear from Advito’s experts across Air, Hotel, Traveler Engagement and Sustainability to discuss how the pandemic has changed travel, what travel managers should be doing now to prepare for when travel starts back up again, and what the industry might look like when it does.

In this session, we will:

  • Analyze how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected both airlines and hoteliers, and discuss the outlook for suppliers when travel restrictions begin to lift.
  • Identify what travel managers should be doing now to prepare their programs for a return to travel later this year – from re-evaluating sourcing and program management strategies to implementing Virtual and Sustainable Collaboration initiatives.
  • Learn how to leverage Traveler Engagement to communicate with travelers about shifting guidelines, travel restrictions, policy changes and safety tips when travel resumes.
  • Understand how traveler expectations have shifted in the wake of the crisis and what that means for your program.

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Missed this session? Watch the recording below and reach out to us if you have any questions on how Advito can help your program get back to travel when the business need arises.

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