The Air RFP is Dead – Welcome to the Dynamic Future

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When: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Time: 1 pm EST
Where: Virtual

Today’s travel managers are putting in a lot of effort for lower and lower returns. Digital transformation is not only changing the way that businesses in the travel sector operate, but also changing how they communicate with travelers, and how travelers communicate with them. Many programs still rely on the legacy Air RFP process to source their suppliers. But taking a more dynamic approach could result in savings and additional benefits to corporate travel programs. In this highly engaging webinar, Advito’s Air experts will discuss the key pitfalls of the Air RFP process, why you should take a dynamic approach to both sourcing and overall program management, the benefits for travel managers, and how to transition to the new approach.

Our Speakers:

Olivier Benoit 1

Olivier Benoit, Principal and VP, Global Air and Intelligence & Analytics Practices


Jeroen Hurkmans, Principal & Vice President Global Client Management

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In this session, we explored the limitations of the Air RFP process in light of the latest industry trends, eliminating the RFP cycle while creating more value in your program, how to contract the optimal portfolio of suppliers and leverage new technologies, and why the new air retailing model, dynamic pricing, and personalization all require a dynamic approach.

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