Maximize travel program savings with outsourced travel management

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Maximize travel program savings with outsourced travel management

By Valerie Sullivan, Outsourced Travel Manager

Maximize travel program savings with outsourced travel management

By Laura Butler, Director, Global Travel Manager

If you’re managing a travel program today, you’re likely dealing with a challenging climate and struggling to juggle different priorities.

And recession – or at least an economic downturn – is looming in many markets. It’s the reason so many businesses are becoming VERY cost-conscious and thinking strategically about their expenses from travel spend to overhead costs. So how do you optimize your business travel program without having to increase staff costs? This is where outsourcing travel management can help!

Leverage outsourced experience

Managing a corporate travel program isn’t the same as it was five years ago. There are added pressures to align with new corporate goals around sustainability, traveler wellness and employee retention while still reducing or containing spend. Companies are trying to do more with less…less funding, personnel and resources, but that could be holding them back from actually reaching any of these goals.

Working in this complex and ever-changing industry, requires specialized knowledge and expertise to navigate those changes smoothly, making sure you’re spending your dollars where it counts. So, whether it’s managing supplier contracts and boosting traveler communications to ease the workload of your team or providing out-of-the-box strategies to help your program run more efficiently, outsourcing your travel management essentially gives you access to the roles of several people in one!

Drive savings across your entire program

When it comes to optimizing your travel program, you won’t find savings in a silo. For example, if you’re only focused on sourcing to reduce your travel program spend, you’re missing out on a whole list of other strategies from improving your travel policy, to holding suppliers accountable for offering their negotiated rates. With outsourced travel management, you’ll have a dedicated resource devoted to identifying these gaps and opportunities across your travel program to create and execute a holistic strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

In many cases, companies who have hired outsourced experts have achieved long-term savings that far exceed the short-term costs.

Gain flexibility with outsourced travel management

There’s adaptability and flexibility with every outsourced travel management engagement. Due to their extensive experience, consultants can pivot, based on business needs. It’s not uncommon for companies to face sudden changes such as mergers and acquisitions, company spin-offs, new program goals, and more. It won’t come as a surprise that this can greatly impact your travel program from budget changes to supplier negotiated contracts. With an experienced outsourced travel manager , all potential travel program impacts can be managed effectively.

Prepare for disruption with outsourced travel management

In business travel, disruption is the name of the game. Constant updates in the travel industry can leave businesses without the in-house expertise they need to navigate these changes. Advito’s outsourced travel managers (OTMs) have decades of experience across the industry and when that knowledge is backed by the ability to draw on extensive data sources and industry contacts, the strategic advantage to your travel program is huge. Plus, with Advito’s long history in the business travel industry, and access to industry experts across many travel categories, clients hiring Advito’s outsourced travel management team know that they’ll always be ahead of the curve as they plan and execute their business travel strategy.

To learn more about how outsourced travel management can drive success in your travel program, contact us today.

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