Join Advito at ITM Autumn Conference

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When: Monday, October 3, 2022
Where: DeVere Grand Connaught Rooms

The Institute of Travel Management (ITM) is holding their first Autumn Conference this October. While demand for travel has risen in the past year, many challenges have emerged, making progress tricky. Travel managers everywhere a facing the uncertainty of price hikes, an increasing number of travel disruptions, pressure to make sustainability changes and evolving traveler demands.

At the ITM Autumn Conference leaders across the travel industry will come together to address these challenges, sharing what strategies key players are using to resolve the situations and what buyers need to be doing to unearth opportunities and optimize their programs. Don’t miss Advito’s session diving into how the business travel industry is making headway on their sustainability goals.

Our Speakers:

Q&A with the experts: How to reduce emissions and reach sustainability goals

Shelley Fletcher-Bryant
Senior Director, Client Management

Are you walking the walk? | 3:45 pm
Within the business travel sector there is no doubt that there is an abundance of good intention, investment, planning and commitment to deliver on our responsibilities and lead a responsible return of business travel….but are we making headway in our collective focus on rebuilding a greener travel programme and industry? Join Shelley Fletcher-Bryant to discuss where the business travel industry is on its journey to reducing emissions and how we’re measuring the impact of our actions.

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