How Travel Programs Can Ensure Business Continuity during Travel Disruption

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By Elise Coker,    Senior Director

Corporations are tasked with transforming the way they do business to ensure sustainability- whether it is environmental, economic or social. Global events can cause a massive disruption to your business and limit how employees can successfully collaborate. You also have a responsibility for the well-being of employees and need to ensure they are informed and prepared when they travel.

You can transform your travel program to a more sustainable model that will ensure employees can work together under any circumstance – safely, happily, and with minimal impact to the environment. Turn your travel program into a Sustainable Collaboration™ program to ensure business can continue responsibly and without interruption.

Sustainable Collaboration with virtual technology can meet your corporate sustainability goals by:

  • Reducing the need for travel and ensuring business continuity with integrated virtual collaboration options
  • Promoting traveler safety and well-being through communication and education campaigns
  • Reducing your travel program’s impact on the environment through sourcing eco-friendly suppliers and educating and enabling travelers to reduce their carbon footprint

Here’s how Advito can help:

Reduce travel demand and ensure business continuity

Assess the drivers of travel demand in your organization and build a “stay or go” framework to help employees determine the best travel and collaboration option. Reduce non-optimal travel through alternatives like video conferencing, immersive telepresence and virtual meeting rooms. You can reduce or redirect 4-10% of your total travel spend and significantly reduce carbon emissions by encouraging these more sustainable forms of collaboration.

In the case that your business is affected by global events or initiatives and employees can’t easily travel, you need to keep business moving along. Integrating virtual collaboration into your program and educating employees on the how and why of using it ensures your employees will be able to work from anywhere no matter what.

Ensure traveler well-being

Keeping travelers safe and well on the road is a corporate responsibility. Travelers need communication at the right time and through the right channels to ensure they receive the information they need to take the important steps necessary to maintain their wellbeing. Traveler Engagement services can include policy updates, communications campaigns throughout the trip lifecycle, and surveys and focus groups to ensure travelers know their wellness is a priority to the organization.

Reduce the impact of travel on the environment

In today’s business travel landscape, simply offsetting carbon emissions alone is not enough to make a real difference. Our strategy starts with an in-depth assessment to understand the current environmental impact of your travel program. This holistic approach tackles the problem from all angles, using advanced business intelligence to examine carbon emissions, what-if scenario modeling, and proven Traveler Engagement communications campaigns to build awareness, educate and influence mindful collaboration decisions. The result is a reduced carbon footprint, increased savings, and more productive and happy employees.

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