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By Lesley O’Bryan, Senior Vice President

For a company to effectively influence their travelers’ behavior today, communications must be targeted and engaging. The goal is to create consistent messages that inform, motivate and satisfy travelers to ultimately change their behavior.

In the GBTA Convention 2018 education session “Create your own Traveler Engagement roadmap: Influence travelers through the channel of their choice”, Advito experts and clients discussed how to incorporate targeted communications that support travel program goals. This was a hands-on working session where participants developed their own Traveler Engagement roadmaps, after hearing from their industry peers on how their roadmaps worked. Here’s a quick recap of actual client scenarios that were discussed, as well as their Traveler Engagement solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Combined two travel programs with different expectations, communication channels, and policies while maintaining high traveler satisfaction.

Program Awareness: Drove deeper program compliance by educating travelers on the personal benefits of the program.

Traveler Satisfaction: Achieved an 84% traveler satisfaction rating by surveying and engaging employees to understand their needs and create a better experience.

Policy & Governance: Established an inclusive strategy team of procurement, safety, and security personnel to uniformly promote an updated policy across the globe.

Program Innovation: Leveraged an online booking tool to drive supplier performance and course correct traveler behavior.

Advito is ready to discuss your goals and communication channels to help you develop your own Traveler Engagement roadmap.

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