Advito and Tripkicks Partner to Bring Point-of-Sale Carbon Emissions Measurement to Corporate Travel

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Advito and Tripkicks Partner to Bring Point-of-Sale Carbon Emissions Measurement to Corporate Travel

Empower travelers to select the most sustainable option in real-time, instead of having to wait for post-trip reporting to identify significant carbon savings opportunities.

CHICAGO – March 15, 2023 – In response to the growing demand for sustainability in the corporate travel industry, Advito, a leading global travel consultancy, has partnered with travel technology platform, and SAP Concur App Center Partner, Tripkicks to develop a solution that provides accurate air emissions calculations at the point of sale. The partnership leverages Tripkicks’ integration with the SAP Concur online booking tool (OBT) to display Advito’s GATE4 carbon emissions figures on the air travel search results page. This groundbreaking solution finally provides accurate, pre-trip emissions data, enabling travel managers to educate travelers and influence their booking behavior in real-time, while also empowering employees to make informed and sustainable choices.

Both Tripkicks and Advito are experts in educating travelers and influencing behavior. They achieve this by providing actionable insights within the OBT that support travel program goals and enhance the traveler experience. Until now, travel managers were only able to rely on post-trip emissions data to identify the best options for reducing their carbon footprint. However, with this partnership, they can now integrate this information directly into the booking path.

The carbon emissions calculations displayed in the search results are powered by Advito’s ISO-certified GATE4 methodology. GATE4 is the most robust emissions calculation methodology available to travel managers today. It accounts for several key factors that have a significant impact on emissions, such as aircraft type and radiative forcing. Through this partnership with Tripkicks, the consultancy brings its methodology directly into SAP Concur’s OBT for the first time, displaying the most accurate carbon emission data available to travelers at the exact moment of decision-making.

“We’re excited to join forces with Tripkicks and bring our sustainability approach to more businesses,” said Julien Etchanchu, Senior Director of Advito’s Sustainable Collaboration Practice. “This partnership embodies our dedication to making business travel an integral part of achieving company-wide emissions reduction targets. Our goal is to encourage businesses to adopt a purposeful travel framework, and when their travelers do head out on the road, we help them travel better. By partnering with Tripkicks, we’re helping clients make better-informed, sustainable travel decisions.”

With the solution enabled, a traveler who searches in Concur Travel will see GATE4 emissions figures for each flight in the search results, along with a green leaf icon to highlight the most sustainable options. There will also be messaging explaining how the most sustainable choices compare to the rest of the results, allowing travelers to truly understand how much of an impact they are making by selecting the most sustainable flight.

“Our partnership with Advito is a step towards providing transparency that empowers informed travel decisions,” said Colleen Black, VP of Tripkicks Business Development. “Together, we are bringing our combined expertise to businesses across a range of industries and providing a comprehensive solution for sustainable business travel.”

The addition of the carbon emissions data in the display does not impact the sort order of the search results. The solution is fully compliant with the corporate travel policy and existing preferred supplier set up in the OBT. It is available today for businesses of all sizes and will enable travel managers, arrangers, and travelers themselves, to make informed decisions that align with organizational sustainability goals. The next iteration of the solution, expected in Q3 of this year, will include GATE4 emissions figures on the hotel and rail search results pages. Please contact us to learn more about this partnership.

About Advito

Advito is transforming corporate travel programs. With a powerful, intelligence-driven framework that dynamically manages supplier spend and traveler behavior, travel programs can continuously run in balance and at peak performance, keeping the needs of all stakeholders met. With smart analytics, unique supplier strategies and integrated traveler engagement, we’ll elevate your program to reach new levels of sustainability, savings, and satisfaction. Advito is the first travel consultancy to develop their own ISO certified carbon reporting methodology, GATE4, and the first to create a dedicated practice area for sustainable business travel.

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