Traveler Engagement campaign guides travelers to TripSource – and better trip experiences

Keeping employees happy, productive and safe on the road


Keeping employees happy, productive and safe on the road is the No. 1 priority for the California-based client. The company’s travel manager is a believer in the power of technology tools to simplify journeys and provide timely, relevant information to the roughly 10,000 employees who take at least one business trip a year.

That’s why the company implemented TripSource® by BCD Travel. The TripSource platform and its companion app make it easy for travelers to manage itineraries, self-book hotels and get trip updates, relevant policy information and safety alerts anytime, anywhere.

“We saw TripSource as a way to enhance the traveler experience and promote travel program benefits,” the travel manager said. “But first travelers had to use it.”

Client profile

Headquarters: California

Travelers: 10,000

Annual Travel Spend: US$140 million

Total Air Spend: US$90 million


The travel manager used the launch of a new online booking tool (OBT) as the impetus for change. He brought in Advito Traveler EngagementTM experts to build and execute a campaign to drive TripSource adoption. They mapped
out a strategy that piggybacked on the OBT implementation. The Advito team created a brand for the company’s travel program; crafted visually appealing graphics; and created compelling content to raise traveler awareness of TripSource.

The Traveler Engagement campaign included:

  • Implementation of TripSource’s policy-in-your-pocket functionality
  • Email communications detailing how TripSource benefits travelers
  • Informational posters for break rooms, elevators and other high-traffic areas
  • Infographic covering how, when and why to use the app
  • Video explaining how TripSource works
  • Social media posts sharing insider tips on how to maximize TripSource features
  • Explanatory articles posted on the company’s intranet site
  • Promotional messaging inside the new OBT
  • Customized engagement messaging within the TripSource app
  • Tripster emails to encourage ongoing TripSource use



increase in TripSource users during the 8-week campaign

4,100 new users

a year after the campaign launched

“Once travelers tried TripSource, they really liked the convenience it added to their trips,” the travel manager explained. “They found the reminders and the supplier information helpful. Even something as straightforward as quick access to the address of your hotel can really simplify life on the road. TripSource makes it easy for our travelers to get to the information they need when they need it.”

The travel program continues to use the professionally designed brand and communication templates to nudge travelers toward preferred suppliers and educate them about travel program benefits. Advito’s Traveler Engagement campaign was worth the investment, the travel manager said. It demonstrated just how persuasive visually appealing and easily digestible content can be.

“The Advito team had terrific ideas, and they were flexible as our timeline shifted because of the implementation. Traveler Engagement was definitely worth the investment. We’ve gotten every penny back and more.”
Travel Manager

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