LinkedIn achieves 84% satisfaction score with Traveler Engagement strategy

Advito designed a customized Traveler Engagement strategy to refresh and refine LinkedIn’s travel program


With Advito’s help, LinkedIn’s travel program has achieved increased employee engagement in the following ways:

  • LinkedIn travelers are increasingly happier overall, more productive and better connected before, during and after their trips.
  • The accumulative, year-over-year satisfaction rating of LinkedIn’s US travelers has grown to 84%, an increase of 20% in two years.
  • The accumulative, year-over-year unsatisfied rating of LinkedIn’s US travelers has dropped to less than 4%, down from 13% in 2015.
“Advito brought their marketing and communications experience to evaluate what works (and doesn’t) at LinkedIn, and designed communications strategies that really matched our culture.”
Leslie Hadden, Global Travel & Event Operations Manager, LinkedIn


In 2015, LinkedIn as a company was growing exponentially. They wanted to modernize their travel program to address the following issues:

  • Communications from their travel team needed to be refreshed with the changing landscape of their global workforce.
  • The travel program was sporadic and inconsistent from region-to-region. It also lacked the tools necessary to support a coordinated campaign that could drive messaging across the company’s various channels. As a result, it was difficult to affect any type of traveler behavior change.
  • Travelers were simply unaware of the travel program and its policies. LinkedIn needed to educate their employees on the benefits for not only travelers, but also for the company, when making in-policy travel decisions.
  • The small number of dedicated travel team members had limited bandwidth. They focused on responding to day-to-day travel requests and not on developing an overall global travel communications strategy.


Advito designed a customized Traveler EngagementTM strategy to refresh and refine LinkedIn’s travel program to:

  • Bridge the gap between the travel team,
    travelers and preferred suppliers. An integrated communications roadmap was developed to achieve better program performance and procure the best travel deals.
  • Align their culture and corporate goals to deliver messaging that would be targeted, engaging, collaborative and consistent. Messaging was developed to resonate with travelers to create a shared sense of purpose, provide clear expectations on policy adherence and encourage them to make the best travel choices when on the road.
  • Help with the adoption of new and emerging tools to improve the traveler experience. This included building social communities and a mobile solution. Communications on these tools incorporated engaging visuals that travelers would respond to and trust.
  • Implement an annual satisfaction survey to measure program effectiveness. The results provided visibility on the relevance of traveler communications.



US traveler satisfaction in 18 months after implementing Advito’s Traveler Engagement strategies


increase in satisfaction with Travelin’s online bookings tool

Since working with Advito’s Traveler Engagement practice, LinkedIn has:

  • Created a highly recognizable and visual travel brand called Travelin. Travelin leverages mobile, digital, virtual and social media to boost trust, loyalty, advocacy, awareness and satisfaction through consistent messaging to travelers at critical moments before, during and after their trip.
  • Inspired their employees by forming multiple social communities on its inSider platform, which targets different types of traveler groups within LinkedIn. These social communities include tribes and personas that reflect the service or tier of service available through BCD Travel.
  • Increased satisfaction, in terms of ease of use, by 13% with Travelin’s online booking tool Bookin, which shares strategic messages throughout the booking process. Specifically, a majority of LinkedIn travelers are satisfied or very satisfied with Bookin’s overall tool experience, ability to identify preferred suppliers, choice of suppliers, ease of updating traveler profiles and available rates.

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