Total Collaboration Management

Capture virtual collaboration’s potential

“This is going to change the way we work. This is something that will be beneficial for people who work for Cargill and will put us ahead of the game. It’s not just a savings initiative, it’s also work life balance and an environmental issue. It’s many things.”
– Fiona LaPoint, Global Travel Director, Cargill Inc.

Optimize your travel program with Total Collaboration Management

The leader in video technology and the expert in travel program optimization have joined up to advance the virtual collaboration workspace.  Introducing Total Collaboration Management – the comprehensive program built to enhance how your teams get work done – without the jetlag.

A comprehensive global collaboration program includes both travel and an array of technologies that promote effective communication without physical presence. By employing virtual collaboration tools and using data analytics of travel expense patterns, Cisco and Advito can reduce your non-optimal travel spend.

As part of this offering, Advito helps you bring together a cross-functional team including travel, facilities, HR, IT and other areas to change the conversation and impact how your employees engage and interact. Our consultants lead you through a detailed roadmap assessing your current capabilities and travel analytics. And they identify your achievable future state. By aligning your collaboration goals with a strategic communication and implementation plan, we will help you transform the way work is done at your organization.

It can pay to let employees stay.

Here’s how Total Collaboration Management can help your business:

  • Reduced travel spend
  • Enhanced traveler satisfaction 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Stronger global working relationships
  • Increased employee retention

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