Improve your travel program with virtual technology

It’s time to extend your reach to include a strategic plan for virtual collaboration.

A comprehensive global collaboration program can include phone, video conferencing, telepresence, and live travel. It gives employees more and better alternatives, making it easy for them to decide whether they should stay or go.

Advito has partnered with Cisco’s Workforce Experience practice to create Total Collaboration Management.  It is the new approach to collaborating effectively – digitally or in person – in the workplace.

Total Collaboration Management will help you quantify and achieve the ROI in virtual technology. We’ll build the case and the strategy, and implement the systems and the employee engagement campaigns to make it work.

Why Advito’s Total Collaboration Management?

  • Reduced travel spend
  • Enhanced traveler satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Stronger global working relationships
  • Increased employee retention

See the resources below to learn more about our approach:

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