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Innovative methods across demand, traveler and supplier management will take your program to a whole new level. See your savings breakdown below.



This is your current spend on business travel in your organization. There are opportunities for savings, and Advito can show you how.




Demand Management

Category Management

Traveler Behavior Management


Reducing nonessential travel decreases overall spend and promotes productivity, traveler safety and satisfaction, and corporate sustainability.


For most companies, travel is the third largest expense and it impacts the quality of life for employees. Collaboration technology offers quantifiable improvements – reducing spend on internal travel and boosting employee productivity.

Advito's suite of Traveler Engagement services can help identify and communicate a stay-or-go framework for reducing non-essential travel.

A successful Total Collaboration Management (TCM) strategy involves a cross-functional team of stakeholders, an assessment of the current travel processes and collaboration technology, and a robust Traveler Engagement communications plan to drive adoption.

Give your employees the ability to decide whether a trip is necessary, or if a virtual option could be as effective. Offering a technology alternative to non-optimal travel can inspire positive changes in the culture of travel for your organization.

You can reduce internal travel by as much as 50% - eliminating unnecessary air, hotel, ground and per diem costs - while simultaneously supporting your organizations CSR and sustainability goals.


  • Strategic Sourcing $0
  • DPM $0
  • Policy Review $0

Take a dynamic approach to supplier management

Advito’s Dynamic Performance ManagementTM (DPM) will help you rise above the outdated sourcing program management techniques. With monthly analysis and insights, we'll regularly uncover opportunities for incremental savings and offer proactive strategies for continuous improvement.

We take all the moving pieces into consideration – suppliers, market dynamics, and traveler behavior - to find innovative ways to make program adjustments and get the highest returns possible.

Do you want to spend less effort on a time-consuming, annual full sourcing engagement? Would you rather direct your effort and resources to other areas of your travel program? It’s time to take a modern approach to supplier management.

With Advito’s Dynamic Performance Management, we constantly and pro-actively adjust the program to your needs and the market fluctuation, providing you with a continuous flow of actionable insights that will allow for incremental improvements every month. We will make ongoing program adjustments, which adds up to significant savings throughout the year.

Using DPM’s advanced business intelligence and predictive analytics, you can increase your leverage, engage with suppliers, influence traveler behavior, and increase traveler satisfaction. Our DPM services take an agile and holistic approach to achieve the best results, with some clients are seeing up to 15x returns.


  • Advance Booking $0
  • Premium Cabin $0
  • One Way Fares $0
  • Online Adoption $0
  • Preferred Airlines $0

Engage and influence travelers

Technology brings travelers more choices than ever before, and often this means they choose to book outside of your program. The traditional approaches to controlling travel demand, like policy restrictions, just don’t cut it. We know there’s a better way.

As corporate travel’s innovators of Traveler Engagement services, we’ve spent years testing and perfecting strategies that are proven to build the most cost-effective, satisfying program.

Advito’s Traveler Engagement services enhance your digital environment and create the right organizational mindset that leads to the most cost-effective, satisfying program. Our unique Traveler Engagement services go beyond just tactical communication campaigns, and includes Collaboration, Merchandising, Policy and Traveler Marketing.

We will help you clearly understand and benchmark useful success metrics that reflect your program goals, as well as make iterative improvements brought about by the efforts to change traveler behavior. You can create and communicate a modern travel policy, optimize booking tool technology, create dynamic messaging to influence travelers at the point of sale, and achieve a vast number of additional program objectives.

Our multifaceted approach strikes a balance between cost-savings and traveler experience to optimize productivity. We equip travel managers to clarify expectations and objectives, create a positive booking experience, and provide the resources necessary to drive savings and produce compliant, balanced travel programs.

Watch the Webinar: Build Your Travel Store

It’s time to power up your corporate travel program experience with high-impact Merchandising techniques. Watch the webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the data and insights that power a merchandising strategy, and learn how to use the principles behavioral economics leveraged by top online and offline retailers to influence traveler purchase behavior.