Payments and expense management come of age

Advito offers specific sourcing, data consolidation and process integration services.

On their own, your payments solution and expense management solution have an impact on your travel program performance, compliance, and culture.  Combined, the two solutions can work together extremely well to meet your needs.  When they’re streamlined with agency operations and technologies, you’ve reached the highest potential of the travel/payments/expense trifecta.

Advito’s most frequently requested services in payment and expense are to for data integration – which we apply powerfully for clients to fuel stronger sourcing strategies and performance.  We can also manage your payments and/or expense sourcing activities, saving you time and earning you top deals and conditions thanks to the expert insight,experience, and benchmarking data we bring to the table.

Meanwhile, our process and integration solution can help ensure that your payment and expense solutions are fully integrated with the rest of your travel components, to create the well-oiled, complex machine that is your effective comprehensive travel program.