Enjoy the upper hand

Advito’s rigorous hotel solutions mine the full complexity of your data.

As we do with air, Advito goes deep into travel data (including integrated agency and card data, if and when you’re ready).  We’ll go to the level of day-of-week analysis. We’ll pore into past contract performance and the driving hotel-side factors that limited you.  We’ll craft a fair and attainable market share rate for your hotels using highly specific details about your program, such as how you define geographic areas when your travelers search in a given city.  In short, we put much more complex analysis in to get much better financial performance out. We know you’ve heard this before.  We’re ready to prove it to you – with concrete examples of our extra level of detail.

Sourcing is not the only way we can boost your hotel’s performance. Advito’s team of hotel sourcing experts are joined by renowned experts in meetings, technology, policy, behavior, and digital marketing.  We can evaluate and improve your hotel program design overall, or zoom in on any of these individual elements as they relate to your hotel spend.

Why Advito Hotel?

  • Know the true value of your business to hotels
  • Negotiate the best rates
  • Get accurate pricing targets year-round

See the resources below to learn more about our unique analysis approach, and contact Advito’s team of experts today. 

Advito’s Hotel Sourcing Difference: An infographic

“Rate expectations: Is dynamic hotel pricing coming of age?”