Traveler Marketing

Influencing traveler behavior and improving program performance – the traditional cornerstones of corporate travel management success – no longer come from just pushing out travel policy. Your employees are busy. They may be local or working remotely on the other side of the world. Armed with mobile and web applications, they can access information and options anytime, almost instantly.

Today’s traveler marketing should be a coordinated strategy of communicating targeted messaging and improved experiences. It takes speed, clarity and targeted messaging strategically crafted and distributed to capture interest.

Our approach to traveler marketing has five central efforts:

  • Segment and define your audiences
  • Establish program goals, KPIs and benchmarks
  • Align messages to audiences and communication channels
  • Share rich, useful, interesting content
  • Measure and iterate

For many travel managers, however, details like demographics, traveler behavior, policy and technologies seem like diversions. They are not. Improving traveler marketing can reduce T&E spend, strengthen compliance and improve program participation, which leads to cost efficiencies and greater productivity.

LinkedIn achieves 84% satisfaction score with a Traveler Engagement™ strategy.

Advito helps travel managers to retain their focus on program essentials while transforming traveler marketing outreach.

Our cross-industry digital marketing and communications experts have a proven process of discovery, planning and implementation. We will guide you through the steps to:


Assess how changing traveler behavior can boost savings and employee satisfaction


Align travel program goals and traveler engagement strategies with corporate objectives


Use existing communication tools more effectively and adopt new tools as needed


Measure program effectiveness and iterate to ensure it remains optimal

This outcome of this detailed approach is a marketing strategy that matches your culture and enables you to supply your travelers with timely, relevant information through the channel of their choice.

Mondelēz boosts compliance and its travel program brand while reducing spend by over 20%.

We are producing quantifiable results, among them a significant decrease in spend so far. We’re also strengthening our relationship with employees on the road. They better understand our travel policy—not just what it is but why it’s important. Actively engaging travelers helps us stay on budget and enhances our travel program brand.

A financial services firm reinforced its travel policies by engaging employees through social enterprise tools and other marketing vehicles.

Read how Advito can help your employees make the best decisions when it comes to business travel.

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