Corporate Travel Payments

Reduce costs and elevate the traveler experience.

Payments are an integral part of the travel value chain, but they are also the most time consuming and inefficient. This is because corporate travel payments have not evolved with today’s digital technologies or streamlined solutions that make paying simple and easy.

With our team of travel and finance experts, we help corporate travel programs fully optimize their payments practice with today’s technology. Our holistic approach is rooted in deep analysis of your travel ecosystem to alleviate pain points and deliver actionable advice that is benchmarked to industry standards. Our portfolio of customizable solutions is aimed to make the greatest impact to your unique travel program as well as raise the satisfaction of your travelers.

Aligning with your company culture and goals, our vision to transform your travel program to the next level will effectively reduce costs and significantly improve the traveler experience. Based on the needs of your travel program, we offer four different levels of service:

  • Opportunity assessment – Understand the state of your payment practice and pinpoint areas that may be causing inefficiencies.
  • Holistic diagnostic – A one-day intensive educational workshop to identify and prioritize areas that need attention.
  • Comprehensive plan – A complete roadmap to ensure corporate payment system success.
  • Integrated implementation – Let us take on the time, effort and resources to see your corporate payments plan through.

"I need to focus on what I must do to run our travel program every day. It’s important to have Advito looking at the data on my behalf, weighing our program options and making recommendations.”

Simplify and optimize your corporate travel program with streamlined payment and expense management.

Keep your travelers (and yourself) satisfied

Digital payments solutions are much more convenient for program stakeholders.

Save money

A more efficient payment process will generate the most cost savings.

Increase productivity

Better productivity for both travelers and travel managers as there is less time spent on payments.

Advito is advancing the practice of travel.
Learn how we can drive more value for you.

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